I will do anything to be with you.

Harry Styles has been dreaming about this girl for 5 weeks now and he cant get her off his mind. One day he runs into her an it starts from there. He found the girl of his dreams!<3 when Harry and her break up Harry does everything he can to get her back.


2. The Date

Ariana's POV

  I woke up and went to pick out some clothes i picked out a pink crop top with white shorts and sandals. I got into the shower and when i got out i put on my clothes and dried my hair and curled it i put some makeup i put my sandals on and grabed my phone and went downstairs. I ate breakfast and decided to watch tv i flipped through the channels but one channel caught my eye "Harry Styles with his new girlfriend?" The woman on th tv said it showed a picture of me and harry talking yesterday. I got a text from Harry. Harry: hey love whats your adress so i can pick you up. I texted him my adress and watched some random show while i waited for Harry.

  The door bell rang i opened the door and Harry was standing in the doorway looking perfect. "Hey" he said while hugging me "hey" i grabbed my purse and phone and closed the door he opened my door and closed it when i got in. The car ride was silent till we arrived at a small cafe we grabbed some cofee and he took me to this park."Ariana tell me about yourself." "Im a model and im 18 and i have a little sister that i love so much." " cool you probably know alot about me" "ha yea." We sat down on the grass and we both looked in each others eyes and we kissed. Sparks flew. 

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