Heart Attack

One Direction has to attend a high school for the last semester before going on their tour. Soon you will know that someone in 1D falls for a girl that no one expected. Her name is Skylar Rae Blue and she doesn't have the best first impression on everyone. with cuts and bruises she tries to get through high school the best possible way she can, she only has two best friends, Jenna and Noel they have been through everything since they were babies; and one good friend, that is a blade she spends every night with it, and it makes her happy. They don't know how bad Skylar has it, but they know somethings up. What will happen when the girl who has only '3' friends falls for a member of One Direction. Who will her friends fall for? will she stop her habits? Read to find out! and comment your thoughts! please put my movella in your favorites and i promise i will read your movella.


1. That Beautiful Girl

Skylar's P.O.V :

Great... another fucking boring shitty day. I wake up to my phone alarm buzzing and i=get ready for school. Jenna and Noel are picking me up so i don't have to ride the torture bus. 

I was in an oddly bad mood today. I didn't talk to Jenna or Noel at all in the car. I feel like something good is going to happen today like something is going to change my life today. 

I walked into the schools main hall, and no one was there. "where is everyone?" Jenna asked behind me. i didn't answer. "Skylar! what the hell is your problem!?" Noel yelled at me as i whipped around and looked at her in shock. I ran to the bathroom, only to run right into someone. "I am so sorry! I didn't even see you. What's the rush?" A deep sexy Bradford accent asked me. 

I look up into his eye for a split second and run down the hall further to the bathroom. "hey wait up!" he yelled after me. 

I didn't listen and i ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I slid down the back of the door and started crying.i hear knocking on the door and ignore it. "please let me in. i didn't mean to make you upset." He said. I continued to ignore him as i searched in my bookbag. I finally found what i was looking for and opened a sharp bloody blade. I cried as i slid the knife across my wrist  and screamed in pain. then laughed because it felt soo good. i moved to the other side of the bathroom and slid the sharp blade across my wrist again. this time it hurt worse than i have ever cut before. i screamed louder than i ever have before, and didn't laugh like i usually do after i cut, i actually cried. i put pressure on my wrist but it wouldn't stop bleeding. i screamed in pain and cried in fear and pain. then everything starts to get blurry and then all i see is blackness. blackness everywhere.


Zayn's P.O.V :

I was on my way to the toilet when i hear running. as i turn around to look, a beautiful girl runs right into me and falls to the ground. "I am so sorry! I didn't even see you" i say as s he looks into my eyes for a split second. all i see is hurt and pain. sadness and fear. Thats when i notice how small she is. She must starve herself to be that damn small!

Thats when she took off as i yell after her. "hey wait up!" she just ignored me as i chased after her. i was too late as she locked herself in the bathroom i start knocking asking for entrance, but all she does is ignore me. Then all i hear is a loud scream, then a laugh? And i hear her move away from the door. All of a sudden i hear another loud ass scream. I don't think i ever heard a scream that loud in my entire life.

But this time after the scream, she just cried, cries and screams of pain. I knew what she was doing. She screamed again. I hear a thud. thats when i kicked the door in and saw her just laying there, lifeless...

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