Heart Attack

One Direction has to attend a high school for the last semester before going on their tour. Soon you will know that someone in 1D falls for a girl that no one expected. Her name is Skylar Rae Blue and she doesn't have the best first impression on everyone. with cuts and bruises she tries to get through high school the best possible way she can, she only has two best friends, Jenna and Noel they have been through everything since they were babies; and one good friend, that is a blade she spends every night with it, and it makes her happy. They don't know how bad Skylar has it, but they know somethings up. What will happen when the girl who has only '3' friends falls for a member of One Direction. Who will her friends fall for? will she stop her habits? Read to find out! and comment your thoughts! please put my movella in your favorites and i promise i will read your movella.



*beep* *beep* *beep* Beep*

Skylar's P.O.V :

I wake up to hear all this beeping. As i open my eyes i just stare at the ceiling, all it is, is white. I look down at the people in the chairs in front of me, I see three people. Jenna, Noel, and a... guy? Who is that?

"who are you?" I ask the very attractive guy.

"Oh i'm Zayn." he said. Wait I know him from somewhere. "where did i meet you?" i asked him.

"well you ran into me at school. and i just so happen to be in the world famous band called One Direction." He adds on

oh my god. i ant believe i look like this in front of a famous band member. wait? one direction? thats the band that Jenna and Noel are always listening to! Jenna is totally in love with the blonde one, i can't remember his name i think it's something like Nathan or Niall, yeah! Niall that's it! He is Irish too!

Oh and Noel is totally in love with this funny guy who has a fake pet pigeon named Kevin, is insanely in love with carrots, And is always wearing  a striped shirt with red jeans and toms. I think his name is Louis...? yeah i'm pretty sure that's it.

I never have any time to listen to music, i'm to busy with.... you know other... sometimes, sharp things. "oh yeah, Jenna and Noel love your guys music. Jenna loves Niall and Noel loves Louis" I said looking at them.

"oh really?" he said smirking at them and giving them a wink. "well do you like or "love my band?" he asks me.

"no, i don't really have time to listen to any music so i never heard and of your songs..." i partially lie to him. he looks a little hurt by this. "so wait how did i end up in the hospital?" i asked quietly and look down to see my wrists are wrapped with red stains on them.

"well when you ran into the school bathroom,  i heard you scream in pain then laugh, then you screamed and cried, then you screamed again and cried again, and then i heard a thud. so i kicked the door in and rushed you to my car and brought you here. your friend ran into me holding your lifeless body when i was running to my car so they sat in the back with you while i sped to the hospital" Zayn says. "I got you here just in time because you cut an artery in your wrist and lost 48% of your blood. Doctors and Nurses say that if you lost over 50% percent of your blood, I would... i err i mean we would have lost you." he finishes off

"oh well you could have just left me there to die, no one would have really niticed anyways so its really no big deal. i wanted to die." I said a little harshly.

Zayn's P.O.V : 

Ouch that hurt. i would never want her to want to die. and i would have noticed. I called the boys and told them to come and meet me at the hospital so the girls could meet them all. that's when all of the boys ran into the room and Skylar flatlined...

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