My name is Claire De'lune. You know how some girls say "oh I'm just invisible." Yea well I really am. People cant see me. Not because no one notices me but, because well.....I'm a ghost. I live my life hunted by the Shallowed, a group of ghost hunters who will stop at nothing unless destroyed. We are unseen by humans so I'm left alone hiding in the shadows and fighting my own battles. Or so I thought.


3. Chapter 3



Nialls POV

It had been exactly 72 hours since I had seen her. Yes I had been counting. Claire, the girl who I had just met but already, I was falling for her. She was different than other girls, and I can't explain why. Just the other night we had kissed in the cold December air. I will never forget that night. Something strange had happened. Men with armor and glowing swords and her just dissapearing into nothing? None of it made sense to me. As each hour passes it becomes more and more real to me that it may have just been a dream. Then I remember the necklace. I reached into my pocket my hands desperatly trying to grab onto it, because if it wasnt there then i'd know for sure it was all just a dream. Slowly I pulled it out and there it was, the glowing crystal cylinder that made it all suddenly vivid. I was reminded that night was real and happened as plain as day.


Claires POV

I just couldn't seem to get him out of my head. The beautiful blond blue eyed human who had saved me from the Shallowed who made me feel so alive even though I was clearly dead. How he saw me was still a mystery. Everytime I closed my eyes and tried to forget, his voice rang in my head "When can I see you again?" His Irish accent filling me with warmth. I shook my head to shake the thoughts out. "What are you doing Claire he's human your just a ghost it'll never happen." I sighed and reached for my necklace. It brought comfort when I was upset and I had  a habit of grabbing onto it to make all my thoughts go away, but as I reached for it, it wasnt there. I panicked and serched my body. "Where could it be!" An image flashed in my mind. When I was knocked to the ground by the Shallowed my necklace had fallen off and landed on the hard cement. "Of course!" I slipped past people on the sreet and walked through many walls. I finally had arrived to the place where not to long ago I was almost wiped from existence. Memories came flooding back. As I looked at the place where it had fallen it was no longer there. My heart fell into my stomach "no no no. This can't be happening." What if the Shallowed had picked it up. They could be tracking me down right now. I ran through the streets staying on guard for anyone who might want to kill me. I had to get someplace safe and fast.


Niall's POV

I arrived at the apartment where the lads waited for me. "Where have you been!" Of course leave it to Daddy Direction himself to get all worked up. "Well hello to you too Liam" I walked through the door and took off my jacket throwing it on the couch. "Niall where were you? Partying it up at some bar have ya?" Harry asked. I rolled my eyes when Louis walked in. "What's this about partying at a bar? Without me well then." He walked off into the bedroom. "Lads calm down I got lost on the way here and I stayed at a nearby hotel. Nothing special." I shrugged. They all eyed me. "So what's that then." Zayn pointed to the necklace dangling from my hand. "Oh umm...nothing." I put it behind my back. Suddenly it was ripped from my hands. "Who's Claire?" I spun around and saw Liam examining it. "No one. Now give it back!" I snatched it away from him. They all looked at me as if expecting an explanation. I sighed and shrugged "Alright alright. Truth is on my way here when I got lost...I ran into a girl." Zayn raised an eyebrow "A girl eh?" I shook my head "No, not like that. She was in trouble a couple of guys were surrounding her..and...they looked like they were about to kill her. I saw it all happening and I couldn't just...standby. So I intervened and I fought them off." Louis walked back in "C'mon now...our little nialler...attack some brutes off." I nodded "It's true. Although it was kind of hard with the glowing swords and all...but it was pretty cool watching them turn to ash." I looked up and saw them all in disbelief looking at me as if I had just eaten a live cow or something "What?" I asked confused. Harry shook his head "Glowing swords turning to ash..Niall how drunk were you?" He eyed me closely "No no no. It was real I sware and afterwards I made sure she was ok and she kissed me and then...." I trailed off not wanting to mention how she dissapeared into nothing. "And then what Niall?" Zayn asked curiously "she...she dissapeared into the shadows." I hung my head. They all laughed and stood up. "Niall I'm sorry mate but I think you drank to much passed out and had all sorts of hallucinations." Liam put his hand on my shoulder. They all nodded in agreement. I pulled away from his grasp and walked twoards the window "No! It was real I sware" I toyed with the necklace in my fingers and looked out then window "Shes out there somewhere and I will find her again. I sware to it." My eyes scanned the crowd hurrying along. Suddenly a white glow caught my eye. I pressed my face to the glass "THERE SHE IS!" I ran to the door grabbing my jacket pushing past the lads. "Gotta go!" I fumbled out the door struggling to find the sleeve. I busted through the doors of the tall building, cold air hitting my face sending shivers up my back. My eyes searched the mob of people and locked on a girl in a white dress "HEY! WAIT REMEBER ME!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. She turned around her hair whipping around in the wind. Her bright blue eyes caught my gaze. There she was. Claire beautiful as ever. I had found her.

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