My name is Claire De'lune. You know how some girls say "oh I'm just invisible." Yea well I really am. People cant see me. Not because no one notices me but, because well.....I'm a ghost. I live my life hunted by the Shallowed, a group of ghost hunters who will stop at nothing unless destroyed. We are unseen by humans so I'm left alone hiding in the shadows and fighting my own battles. Or so I thought.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Claire's POV
I couldn't believe what I was seeing. A human has managed to kill off 3 Shallowed warriors. I watched as he turned to face me his blue eyes and blond hair had me mezmerized. He started walking twords me and with each step my heart raced faster. Part of me told me to run as fast as I could and the other told me to stay. It was to late to make  descision because before I knew it he held out his hand. "Are you alright?" His voice was beautiful and enriched with an Irish accent. No words came out of my mouth. Then the only thing that I said was the question that had been lodged in my mind since I saw him. "Y-you can see me?"  His hand lowered and cocked his head in comfusion. "Of course I can." He knelt down never dropping my gaze. "How hard did you hit your head?" He reached out his hand about to touch the back of my head. I jerked back. I knew what would happen if he touched me. He'd go right through me and that was a feeling I didn't want. "Please don't." I said backing up. He came closer trying to touch me to see if I was okay. "Relax just let me-" I panicked and tried to get away. His hands flew twords my wirst. I closed my eyes bracing for the emptiness, but instead I felt warmth. I slowly opened my eyes, and realized his hands were wrapped around my wirst. Utter shock went through me. How was this happening. He lifted my chin up gently, looking into my eyes. "I'm not going to hurt you." He spoke softly. I had never felt this feeling before. I was so overwhelmed that someone could see me, touch me. I don't know why I did but something overtook me and threw myself into his arms and crashed my lips to his. Electricity ran through my body and for once I felt alive and happy.

Niall's POV
She was scared and I knew it. I touched her cold chin and lifted her chin. Her wide eyes met mine "I'm not going to hurt you." There was a silence. Suddenly her lips crashed into mine. I was take aback, but something felt right. I relaxed and closed my eyes, her lips were so soft. I had barely met this girl and I already knew something was special. I caressed her neck in my hand and my other arm around her waist. The moon shone just enough light for us to see eachother. She let go and her eyes fluttered open. "I'm sorry." She said as she started to pull away, but I stopped her. "Don't be that was perfect." She looked away "You don't understand this cant work. I-I have to go." Her hand slid out of mine, and something wierd happened. Her body was fading away into nothing. "Wait! will I ever see you again?" But it was too late she was gone. I don't know why, but I wanted to see her. Something about her was different and filled a void in my life that I had been trying to fill for a while. I didn't even get her name. I looked at the place where she was sitting a few minutes ago. Something glowed in the light from the moon. I bent down and picked it up. It was a brown string with a cylinder shape hanging from it. It glowed blue and orange. Then I realized it was a necklace, it must have been hers. A little charm at the end of it had something carved into it. There in cursive elegant letters was a name. I looked closer to see it, and it became clear. Her name was Claire.

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