But you still love me anyway...


13. waiting patiently.

''URGGG'' I groaned rudely as my best friend dragged me through the quickly departing crowds. ''Stop complaining, you spork!'' Katie giggled shoving me into a pole with a concrete bottom.''owieeeee, you don't deserve the title of mighty spork'' I replied childishly,crossing my arms and pouting. She rolled her eyes. ''STAY!'' she mumbled loudly, walking in the direction of the merchandise, i rolled my eyes at my best friends idiocy. Honestly! she seemed to think i could read her mind, that i would know where she was of too. I chuckled softly and leaned back on the post. Its not that i haven't just experienced the most amazing night of my life.. nor that i was not completely happy, and content. I was just tired, like bleh man! I was muckfuddling dead. But after tonight, i couldn't stop smiling..i wouldn't. In fact my face was starting to hurt. Katie was taking ages, analyzing every product. jeshh. I leaned off the pole and walked a little down to my left keeping my head down. Walking in circles. Then i ran into someone. Idiot Erin, bloody idiot! Nice one. I looked up to find myself faced with a hooded figure. ''I'm so sorry!'' the hood mumbled. ''Its okay''i chuckled, after a comfortable silence the figure looked up. Tuffs of blond hair poking under his hood, He pointed at my tee. ''You a fan?'' he asked in a slightly stupid voice, ''Yeah.. massively'' i replied a little nervous i hadn't seen his face. He chuckled. His laugh loud.. it seemed to keep getting louder. It was farmillar. Sorta. I couldn't put a face too it.. He smiled, Clear braces covering his white teeth. I gasped. Braces. I knew that dam mouth. Niall fugging horan. I coughed fakely, ''Give up the act nialler'' i whispered trying to keep cool, don't freak out and pee your pantss. He sighed and pulled his hood on grabbing my wrist and catching me off -gard. He pulled me softly into a corner. I raised a brow and he sighed again ''Please dont scream.. i just want nandoss..'' he pleaded. I chuckled ''I'm not gonna scream'' i said slowly winking. He let out a breath and smiled widely. He looked at me, a flash of recognizan flashed through his eyes, ''Hey! your the girl that stuck up for me'' he smiled, I felt a blush creep up my neck. Niall james horan knew of my existence, omg *dies* I took this moment too take in his features. He was actually beautiful. His blond quiff, now bangs covering his forehead, his pale skin and deep blue eyes. Eyes i was just getting lost in when he waved his hand in front of my face. WHOO HOO. Fucking great one Erin, run into him then drool over him. um hum. I blinked and thought up a fast reply, ''Yeah! That was me..'' i replied nervously. ''Thank you! he smiled, Most people wouldn't stick up for me. I'm pretty sure half the population don't think i'm worthy of being here,'' he said slowly, clearly upset by some peoples opinions. ''Yeah well, there fucking dosch bags'' i smiled content with my reply, he laughed softly and smiled back. His stomach grumbled and i giggled. ''Nandos" he muttered. I smiled and looked at my feet. ''Walk with me?'' he asked quickly. I nodded. He pulled his hood back up as we began walking, i walked bit away from him, he moved closer about an arms length away, I kept my eyes on my shoes. They were suddenly very interesting  Until niall pulled me out of my thoughts by wrapping his arms around my shoulders and holding me tight. DONT PEE YOUR PANTS ERINN!! I mentally warned myself. ''What your name by the way?'' he asked smiling down at me. Yeah i'm short. ''Erin'' i replied quietly, ''Pretty name'' he smiled as we stopped outside nandos. He took his arm from around me. Not gonna lie, i was gutted. ''Give me your phone'' he smirked holding his hand out. I pulled it out from my back pocket and handed it to him quickly cocking a brow, but not asking why. In a swift movement he'd pulled me close and was now taking selfies with me, FLIPPERS AND TEA! IM TAKING SELFIES WITH NIALL FLIPPING HORAN. I kept my cool on the outside even though my brain was still screaming at me not to scream and pee myself. We pulled multiple funny faces. After a while. We stopped and he quickly took out his phone and mine, typing something in. Then he locked my screen and handed my phone back at the same time as sliding his in his pocket. Niall pulled me into a hugging me tightly.. ''see you soon?'' he said almost questioningly, when we pulled apart. I smirked and waved and with that walked on my heel. Katie was still looking at merchandise. I rolled my eyes and turned around looking back in nialls direction. His eyes were still on me. 



I got one comment. and it was so lovely, i was touched. so touched i updated. Yay dedication too ; FutureMrs.Horan101 Yay! But i still want more ;( i know im greedy ;) I'm trying to make my chapters longer.. im tryinggg!! SO if your reading this, thank you for giving me a chance. Love you.

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