But you still love me anyway...


2. The big C.

''Mum!'' i whispered crouched on the side of the sofa next too my past out mother, she opened her eyes slowly. ''What love?'' she asked tiredly. Last night she'd gotten drunk, again. So i locked her in the living room and waited till i could hear silent snores creeping under the door before entering, cleaning up her sick and anything else she had smashed removing the alcohol from the room, putting a blanket on her before  retreating again. ''Connors brain scan, in 3 hourss'' i said louder, she blinked a few times before sitting up and smiling, ''Okay! i best get ready then'' she squeesed my sholder before leaving the room. We never talked about the night before i just cleaned up and did my bit silently. i walked back into my bedroom and closed the door behind me. My room was blue with lavender detailing, but you barely see the walls under the mass of one direction posters, i looked up and smiled at the massive niall horan poster beside my bed, i sighed. his braces were sex. My phone buzzed beside me, there was only one person it could be. Katie.


LOUISSCARROTQUEENN; well hello there little furbie! 7dayss! thats like a weekk! scuse' me while i fan girll! Miss you BOO BEARRR. -K<3


i smiled at my phone, katie was one of my only friends, i had a few like bex and callum, but i couldnt depend on them like i could with katie, i text her back swiftly.


Me; umm, hmm! well goodday' too you little nudger. Yesss 7 days till one directionn. Gods. total gods. *little dance* Missing you mostly boo bearr.. Hospital today, argh. I'll call you after bby ;) -E<3 

I got off my bed and clawed through my wardrobe, pulling out a back pair of jeans a cute little top and some hi-topss, i pushed my studds through the holes in my ears and started on my makeup, a little bit of foundation because in my unlucky world i got spots, bleh. I laced my top lid in eyeliner and put some lipgloss on. I threw my red hair up into a messy bun on the top of my head and left to make sure the boys were up.

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