But you still love me anyway...


4. smiless.

Katies pov; 

i breathed deeply and placed my head in my hands, i never quite knew what to do with myself. There isn't anything wrong with my life yeah okay so my dads not around but he only lives a few minutes away? my mum was fine! there was no pressure on me like there was in Erin's, apart from Paige. Paige used to be cool, my best friend... she was funny and smart and totally perfect? i'll never know what happened  she just changed.. she was always horrid. snide remarks.. even talking about my family? if i didn't have Erin . seriously i don't know what i'd do?? *FLASH BACKKK* I groaned at the bright light and tugged the blanket back over my head ''Nice too see you too!'' i heard a deep voice from the side of my room, alec. My head shot up, and i smiled. ''hey baby'' i said my voice dry and raspy he nodded i got off my bed and wrapped my frail arms around his large frame he didn't do the same as usual. I let go and stepped back ''whats up'' i whispered my voice quite, just about audible he took a deep breath and his eyes fell to the floor, ''were over, iv found someone new'' he said it so plainly, no remorse or even care. ''who''? i asked my voice sore he smirked slightly which he quickly changed into blank again. ''Come in babe'' he yelled, i thought he was going insane... he was the only one here? so i though... thats until my best friend walked in, i smiled at her expecting her to storm over to my side and scream at him i waited and waited as she stood by the door she stared between alec and i for sometime, i angled my head to look at her she just blinked at me and walked over to alec grabbing his hand and draping it over her smirking at me, i took a sharp breath unaware that i hadn't been breathing, i took a moment to to choose my next move, i didn't really get what was going on... i mean yeah sure paige had been off lately, calling me names and being rude... but this was a whole new level. I looked up at them there eyes still glued to me paige looking smug, but alec looked almost sympathetic, i snorted ''get out'' i said way more confidently than i felt, they didnt move. ''DID YOU HEAR ME GET THE FUCK OUT!!!'' They both looked slightly taken aback but they left i wasn't angry or upset.. i was just numb. my phone rang and i answered it in the spur of the moment, it was Erin we talked for a while a and at by the end of the call she was at mine with comfort food and movies, we got too know eachother better she was my rock *flashbacckover* 

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