But you still love me anyway...


3. Over again

He grabbed my hand, he was sweaty. I smiled at him reassuringly and entwined our fingers, he'd been having scans since he was 8 but they still scared him every time. We sat down still hand in hand. A nurse walked out she was pretty, with hazel brown eyes and dark blond hair, she smiled in our direction i half smiled back. ''Connor Davis?'' she called out we stood up and followed her, my brother has cancer, that's why we were here. I squeezed connors hand and took a deep breath before practically dragging him in the room, the doctors spoke for a while sometimes asking me questions, but i zoned out really he placed connor in the MRI to scan him, he for the ten millionth time explained what was happening  i rolled my eyes at this which made connor giggle, the sound i loved the most. I kissed his forhead, ''okey dokey little man, i loves youss! and stay still i'll buy you nandos!'' i told him enthusiastically he grinned and then the machine started, mum had taken James to nursery, James is my youngest brother. My oldest brother jack had gone to phone his dad, he had a different father too us 3.

now all that was left too do was sit and wait. 



LOUISSCARROTQUEEN; We have to go shopping tommorow!!! aksldjnsidsk.

Me; whyeee? 


Me; oh shit, yeah.. dealyo! Come to mine at 12, Loves you -E<3

LOUISSCARROTQUEEN; Sounds good! cool, see you then! loves you too furbie! -K<3

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