But you still love me anyway...



''FURBIEEE!!'' katie squealed enthusiastically, a little to enthusiastic in my ear i flinched but smiled as we met outside the O2  literally buzzing, i really couldn't stop smiling and my jaw was beggining to ache becuse of it. We walked out together to grab a bite to eat i was hungry as usual, as we walked into wagamama Katie looked over too me still smiling like a fool. The waitress smiled at us and silently brought us to a table up the while staircase, Katie and i got peach ice tea and some noodle thing with cashews and other rubbish. I wasnt paying attention. After eating our food silently katie spoke up.

''1D world?'' she said her face lighting up as she did so.

i giggled and nodded knowing how she felt! as we got up and paid the bill we walked down the stairs slowly, girls with pictures of the boys faces on there tee's as we walked out we saw a few young girls with little banners and glow sticks which only made my grin wider. We practically ran too the massive Que to get in the one direction revolved shop, whilst waiting in line we talked a little giggled a little but i didn't say much, i couldn't of fear i would scream. When we finally got in the shop we took photos with the cutouts, when we got to Liam, Katie made me laugh and i ended up knocking him over, then running away she laughed at she followed me to the tills where i purchased my own Niall cutout, a poster of them walking with goofy looks on there faces, a onezie, a directioners necklace, another necklace, a cute bracelet and a future mrs horan top. Katie got basically the same just louis related, i laughed as her grin still managed to get wider as we walked out by every passing moment. She was adorable. As we passed nando's the want in my eyes must of been obvious because Katie grabbed my arm and practicably dragged me away! 

''Later!!!'' she mumbles smirking.

i pouted.

''Don't even bother'' she laughed.

We jogged over to the long line forming at H where we were.

''Shit, this line is massive'' katie gasped

i nodded but didn't reply, we stood in line just with the odd chit chat and giggle, they were filming for this is us, so when the camera's came filming us as we got ready to walk into the concert we tried to act casual but it was completely failing.

''Hello girls!'' Said a voice.

we looked up to see where it was coming from, and there was the one and only Paul Higgins, seriously i almost died

''Hello'' i smiled, way more confident than i felt.

''How are you doing?'' he asked smiling

i smiled back, ''Okay thanks, yourself?'' 

''Im good!'' he grinned! ''Have a nice night girls'' 

after he'd left Katie and i just looked at each other for a moment before laughing, we loved Paul hes a total ledgendd! looking after our five idiots there really was no one better too do the job!

when we finally got into the arena we separated to find our seats we'd bought tickets at diffrent times so katie was on the other side of H too me, she smiled at me as we left.

I walked through the door.

The music was loud and painful i showed my ticket to the security who pointed me in my seat i smiled thankfully at him and he nodded back, the smile hinting on his lips. I sat down beside a girl and her mother, i sat down shaking some support act was on and she was crap, tear streamed down my face. i was terrified! Terrified of the noise, but also i was badly claustrophobic and theres so many people! so much noise! When the first support act finished the second one started, by that time i had calmed down and had to admit that they were good, really good! 5 Seconds of summer they were called, they were catchy and pretty hot. After that i spoke to the girl beside me, she was called Matilda. After a while of chatting they announced the boys coming on momentarily, screams filled the arena. When the screaming stopped a man walked onto the stage.

''Hello! im the producer of this is us! tonight you will be in the movie, so please scream extra loud!!!!  now i have some bad newss.. The boys will be two hours late tonight'' the screams stopped and were soon replaced with sobs and boo's, he smirked ''im just messin' with ya!'' he laughed ''the boys will be here sooon!'' he smiled bringing out the' oon' ''but like i said! smile wider, and scream louder! your in a movie'' and with that he left, after a while the one way or another video came on and yet again the stage was chorused with screams 


Then finally, the boys appeared... looking as perfect as ever. 

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