But you still love me anyway...


10. OMG.

They started with up all night, litrally as soon as they'd came on they were singing, well duh there a band? Idiot. The arena eruppted with screams me and matilda contributing to this, it was amazing! Dark the only lights were from the stage and all the glowsticks shooting in the air, it really was an amazing sight. We spent the next 3 songs screaming at the top of our lungs and singing along loudly, also dancing like complete and utter twats! But we really didnt give a dam. ''Hellooo!'' cooed an irish voice i screamed, so loud it hurt. ''How you all doing tonight?'' Harry smiled in his slow chesire accsent, no one replied really they just all squealed. After a while of them messing about, just being themselves! One of the reasons that i loved them so much! They were just so normal? Normal guys, normal guys that just happen too be completly buff.. and like major sex gods.. okay, maybe not completly normal. They stopped talking and sung one thing, which basicly drove the whole crowed completly wild! They honestly had voices of angelss... I handn't expected them to be so perfect... but they were! Completly and utterly perfect! So perfect i almost died. They sung 3 more songs, over again C'mon C'mon and shes not afraid, i died. well almost. Then they moved in shes not afraid, they got on this big neon platform thingy? Still singing and moved around into a square in the middle of the arena. Girls screaming as they past over them, they got on the square thingy, and Niall fell over, i laughed... he was amazing! He got back up ''I ment too do that'' he said blushing. I laughed again. ''What a fucking idiot'' 2 girls said in chorus behind me, i snarled but ignored them. That was until they started with the coments again, i spun around they even had i hate niall on there shirts. Pathetic. I Glared at them, they raised there brows at me, i snapped ''WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE!'' I screamed in some amount of silence, they looked taken aback, most people looked at me, Even niall. The girls hung there heads, and i turned back around. Niall  was still looking at me, it took me a moment. ''Um, Erin nialls staring at you'' Matilda wispered, My eyes widened NIALL HORAN WAS LOOKING AT ME HE KNEW OF MY EXISTANCE. OH SHIT. I waved at him kinda akwardly, nice one Erin! Real smooth i mentally face palmed, he waved back and smiled. OH JESUS. He turned his attention back too the boys, i was still dying, id died alot tonight. Matilda stared at me for a while smiling sweetly before turning her body back too the stage. I smiled to myself and did the same. They awnsered some questions, They sung Shaggy; it wasnt me and the prince of bel air theme tune. Amazingg. After they'd came back to the main stage, they sung some more songss, of course what else are they gonna sing? duh. Then they sung teenage dirtbag!!! OH MY LIFE JUST FLASHED BEFORE MY EYES. It was amazing, they actually need to do a proper cover of teenage dirtbag... that really was amazing! Then they sung rock me and kiss you. They left after a bit more of talking and came back up through like the little hole things, and sung little things.. Me being a massive sop i cried. and cried. They did one way or another, Liam did the splits, hes fricken' awsome seriously. Then there was the horan jump, i also died at that moment too. Throughout the concert I got aloot, of looks from niall. Matildia enjoyed pointing it out too, he must of been just greatful for me sticking up for him, i smiled at that. Awhe i helped out nialler, well thats amazing. ''Thank you so much guys, you were totally amazing! honestly!'' LiLi smiled, Louis cut in being his adorable self ''HARRYYYYY'' he boomed, ''Give me a word to discribe this night?!'' he beamed, ''Urr.. Awsome'' harry smiled slowly, ''Liammm'' he cried ''Yes Lou?'' Liam replied chuckling, ''WORDD'' Louis said shoving the mic in his face, ''Fabulous'' Liam said Louis nodded in respose and ran over to there drummer josh, ''Now its your turnn'' louis told him ''Um Epicc!'' Came josh's britsh accsent ''His was better'' Liam and harry said in chorus, Louis nodded in agreement this time the crowd laughed. ''Now for NIALLERRR'' louis squealed, ''Toilet, need to go!'' Niall said urgently, i burst into fits of laughter, he was perfect. Okay then louis said, ''Thank you they all said in chorus, they exited and a video came on, we watched it and got ready to leave, but then of course they came back on, before they could sing Liam said a big daddy direction speach but Louis cut him short, ''Niall'' he said tapping the blond boys shoulder niall turned to look at him, '' Look mate!'' Niall looked up and gasped ''Peopled are leaving!! STOP STOP'' Niall cried ''Why are you leavingg!'' Louis whined, ''Youuu, yes you all 3 of you sit back down, stay for another 5 minuets of us? please?'' Niall pleased looking and sounding completly adorable. Louis smiled at them ''YAY! They sat back down louis smiled'' Liam chuckled and carried on where he left off. They sung Live while were young, and finshed with What makes you beautiful, It was amazing, when they really finished people piled out and i stayed in my seat waiting for katie, we left last and walked down the stairs slowly. She stopped in her tracks, ''what?'' i asked her puzzled ''were waiting here for the boys'' she said simply, i cocked a brow at her.

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