But you still love me anyway...


6. Needing a friend.

Erins' pov.

I tapped on the door lightly smiling as i did so, well grinning really like a little child! Tommorow we would be face to face with our idols. She opened the door smiling back. ''Well hello there beautiful creature!'' i winked in her direction she sniggered and smiled wider. ''Ahh you! You're latee!'' she replied battering her eyelashes at me ''Oh shit, am i about too fall down a hole?'' i smirked she laughed and moved out of the way to let me in. I walked into her kitchen and went straight too her fridge, she laughed before she even walked into the room because she knew i was going to have my head in her fridge as soon as she was in the door. i pulled out everything i needed to make a sandwich plopped it on the side turned around and grinned at her she laughed at my love food. ''Hungry?'' she asked giggling ''Always'' i replied loudly. she turned away and flew a glance at her phone, her smiled dropped. I stopped eating a sandwich and walked over to her phone picking it up and pressing the green button, she didn't attempt to stop me. I held it too my ear but said nothing until the voice on the other side did, ''Why hello there oh ugly one!!'' said an enthusiastic voice on the other side i groaned at this angrily. Paige. ''Well hello you skank'' i said smiling as i did, she gasped at the sound of my voice and put the phone down quickly, Katie just took it from Paige, she was too lovely, and thoughtful but i didn't take shit from anybody, let alone her. Katie had tears in her eyes, in one swift moment id pulled her into my arms and tangled my fingers in her soft blond hair as she sobbed on my shoulder  i was suddenly very angry... I breathed in deeply and tried to calm myself down Katie didn't need me to do anything stupid right now, and i had enough on my plate without getting arrested. we cleaned our self's up and got ready too leave.

''Ready?'' i asked pointlessly, knowing she was

''of course'' she replied seconds later 

i smiled at her and walked out of the door into my Lexus  my dad bought it for me when he announced i had a little brother called Joesph,  I'd met him a few times... he was 6 and a sweet kid. I got more gifts like this over the years as my dad went from wife to.

We stepped in the car, for our girls day. I thanked my driver with a nod as we chatted about tomorrow.

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