But you still love me anyway...


16. i want you to run away with me and experance something new


''Come with us then'' liam said smiling lightly and shrugging

''What?'' i said for the third time doing a double take or like a third take?

''Just come to bloody america with us!'' louis squealed 

''You serious?'' katie half screamed

''NAH. Just kidding'' harry smirked ''of course were dam serious!''

''Okay then'' i said now calm and collected 

''You'll come?'' niall asked smiling

''yeah buddy'' i replied

Looks like im off to america with one direction. As me and katie left to buy some clothes since our flight departed tomorrow, ta for the short notice boys. Gah. After a short silence as we walked down to town i felt a shooting pain in my arm. ''OWCHYY'' i squealed rubbing the sore spot ''I hope it hurt'' katie said coldly, ''Why bear'' i replied pouting ''YOUR FRIENDS WITH ONE DI BLOODY RECTION AND DECIDED NOT TO TELL ME?'' She screamed. I chuckled ''em yeah basicly?'' kay rolled her eyes slinging her arm around me ''idiot'' she smiled after some more light chit chat i stormed into topshop dancing around in its beauty, i practically bought the whole dam store before we left.. katie just bought nail polish.. but you know.. thats cool. My phone rang loudly as we left the store, it was an unknown number? Yes. I clicked the green button pulling my phone to my ear.

''Master, its all done the girl is dead. But theres blood everywhere'' i smirked into the phone.

''um'', a awkward voice trembled on the other side

''oh yello zayn'' i smirked as he exhaled a long shaky breath 

''agh, you scared the hell out of me!'' the quite boy replied laughing 

''PAH'' I replies, ''what can i help you with malik? i replied as if i had knew the boy longer than a few hours.. which of course.. i hadn't but i honestly already thought of them all as older brothers.

''Em i just wanted to tell you'' zayn said stopping there ''Go on'' i said motioning for him to carry on before face palming and realising he couldn't see me, owph.

''Oh yeah i'll be picking you up to go to the airport at 11, see you!'' he carried on


''Okay'' i replied deep in thought of what a twit i am.

''i honestly cant get over the fact zayn malik just called you''

HAY GURLLLL HOW ARE YALLL? Thank you for all the comments!! i wasnt gonna update but then i saw comments and was like what the hay *insert nerdy face* So! anyway, i'm going on holiday tomorrow and im not actually sure when i can update :'( i'f i get some more comments i'll try and update again tomorrow morning before i leave! Can you guys check out my new fic? its called the girl that started the band war 5SOS V.S 1D, but it has some sexual stuff.. pah, so please do not read if your like 12.. okey dokes! COMMENT. I. LYKE. YO. COMMENTS. And has anyone got any ideas? like what to do next? i have a titchy bit of writers block? You can comment it or tweet me at @xhoranhuggiesx and i kinda want like a nickname for you guys.. so yeah! 

Quick question! what fandom are you guys in? 




Yanoe thaat stuff!

love you


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