But you still love me anyway...


15. Gah tho

Id just like to say, this is wrote like a while back before summer love, before he got his braces of ect but its put in the present time. anyway, enjoy x x x


''III NEED TO KNOW NOWW KNOWW NOWW CAN YOU LOVE ME AGAINNN'' Said an awfully cheery voice, at 5 am. ''Niall'' I replied bluntly ''Bear'' he spoke softly ''WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT YOU BLOODY IDIOT. EY?'' Why on earth is niall horan calling me at 5 bloody am to sing john newman in my ear. I dont even know bro.. i dont even know. ''Wanted to see ifff you maybe wanted to come meet the boys today.. but if you dont its okay, i completely understand'' I held my breath as i tried not to squeal ''nandos at 12'' i replied as calmly as possible before swiftly putting the phone down. Me and niall had be talking for while id been in london for a week we'd had starbucks together, had a saw movie marathon and more but if we wern't together we'd be on the phone or texting. We'd become great friends. I still hadn't told katie.. so i'd tell her today.. and she'd forgive me.. cause she gets to meet louis..



I'm gonna go and get katie. I walked next door humming softly to myself as i knocked on blondies door, she answered quickly plopping her shoes on and shutting the door behind her? i didnt even tell her where we were going? ''Em katie'' i asked questioningly ''Are we going to nandos or what?'' she smirked winking at me, knows me so well ahh. ''Wait.. how did you know?'' i asked raising my brows at her she raised hers back as she replies ''You were up at 8am singing loudly? the only reason you'd be up is for nandos dimbo?'' a rolled my eyes as she slipped her hand in mine and we began our journey up to nandos. We threw chit chat around but i wasnt really paying attention until we slipped into nandos. I knew niall reserved our table as jenson, as usual.. dont even ask. When we were shown to our table i sat down yanoe.. as you do? and waited like 30 seconds before niall turned up sliding in beside me and wrapping his arms around me as the rest of the boys sat down, i looked around and smiled at them all before looking at katie i sheepishly smiled at her and she smiled back. Shes gonna kill me later.  ''Hi babe, im harry whats your name beautiful'' said a husky voice, i giggled ''Erin'' i replies ''I'm liam'' said another ''boys.. she knows who you are'' niall laughed i pulled a funny face swatting his arm as we ordered food. This is gonna be a good day.


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