But you still love me anyway...


14. facts about myself?

''Yeah, thanks'' i smiled as the petite woman gave me my change.

She smiled politely back nodding her head. My phone rang the tune off what makes you beautiful filled my ears, i sighed as i put my nandos back on the counter and swiftly pulled my phone out of my pocket.

''HI THERE MR BROOKSSS!'' My darling best friend practically screamed down my ear.

''MMHMM. hello'' i replied picking my now lukewarm food and departing heaven. I held my phone to the side of my head as i walked back up to my house i tuned out as i walked through the door.

''umm, hmm love you bye'' i said as i put down the phone unsure of why she called in the first place. I shrugged throwing my phone on the floor as i brought the now not so hot nandos into the now empty living room its only contents: my family. I sat down beside the boys as they tucked into the food. ''Katie, Claire and Nick are almost packed'' my mum half smiled looking around our soon to be old house. ''What times the van here?'' i replied quickly my mouth already full of tender chicken ''30'' mum replied. Moving to London.. with my best friend.. Our parents bought houses, in the same city, the same town, the same neighbour hood. oh wait shes my next door neighbour. Don't get me wrong i love her.. but next door.. all day every day. I'm gonna die, but mums got a new job. So were off.

Before not too long we were departing the house.. Packing ourselves and belongings into the mega big van i grabbed the window seat asap.

i poped my up all night cd into the old dusty player and listened quietly to the chorus of beautiful voices.


My phone buzzed under my botty whilst i was half asleep i pulled it out groaning as i did so it was a text from an unknown number?

'Hey, its me we met at the 1D Concert last week'

i dont know who the fuck me is?


'Hi! Matildia? :)' i texted back figuring it was her.

'No im a boy,' the unknown number texted.


'em pokey. hagrid?' 

i replied rolling my eyes 

'Well your a sucky directioner!' 

i gasped oh no he didnt.


'Welll yeah i did. Nialls full name?'

i chuckled idiot.

'Niall james horan 



maura, bobby, gregg



blue nd green


'Did you just tell me 8facts on myself =D' 

FUCK, I mentally cried as i read over it again and again. 

Niall.. just .. texted ... me?

sorry for mistakes. weey to much effort. Pah.

sorry, hope its okay tho?


-E<3 X X X X 

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