They say a picture is worth a thousand words. An action is worth a million.


1. Mistakes

It's funny how one action can change everything. The flowers were blooming and the dandelions were beginning to flood the garden again. She used to tend to it.

It's been two years since that day. February 20th. I woke up with cold feet. I knew I loved her, but marriage is forever. Did I really want to spend my life chained to one person?

The scene is still fresh in my mind like paint on a new building. I was standing at the altar with sweaty palms. My body was in the room but my mind was somewhere else.

The band began to play and the doors opened to her, glowing in her dress. She floated down the aisle like an angel, and I didn't see it in her eyes then, but I can tell now that something was wrong. The time for the I dos came and I found it hard to choke out the two words that would bind us forever.

I couldn't marry her. "Sorry." I mouthed to her. The last thing I saw as I turned to leave were the tears glimmering in her eyes, silently begging me to not go.

The following week I tried to find her, to explain. Her sister had greeted me coldly at the door, staring daggers into me by the second. Finding out where she was gone was hard. Finding out she wouldn't come back was harder.

The fact that she was dead was the biggest regret of my life.

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