Love Is A Funny Thing

Teen love story. Work in progress, Tell me if you like it and want more? :)


1. The Beginning

Allie pined over Jacob everyday for an entire summer until she finally gave up on him. She decided he wasn't worth it and just moved on. 

She decided to just forget about boys for awhile, they seemed to be the main cause of her problems after all. When school started, she met Trent. He acted like a perfect southern gentlemen and Allie fell in love with him happily. 

During the previous summer, Jacob had actually liked Allie. He had been trying to muster up the strength to tell her when he got back from vacation, and they could be together. He knew she liked him, she didn't exactly make it a secret.

Jacob found it surprisingly endearing how she blushed anytime they talked, and how every so often he could tell she was looking at him to see if he might like her back. He had spent an entire month planning out how he would ask her out. Everything was planned out, down to the type of flowers he'd get her--calla lilies, her favorite. What Jacob didn't know was that while he was away, seemingly ignoring Allie, a romance was brewing with Trent.

That first day of school Jacob went to Allies locker, flowers in hand, determined to ask her out. His heart sunk when he saw them kissing near the water fountain while making their way down the hall. 

He wanted to punch the guy in the gut, then himself. If only he'd plucked up the courage earlier...

Looking at Allie he saw something new within her. A sparkle in her eye and her face was a peach pink, the kind of color a girl only gets when she's in love. It only made him angrier at himself.

Day after day he'd sit in the lunchroom and just look at Allie from across the way. Watching her laugh, talk, be happy with another guy.

Some days he just wanted to march right up to her and kiss her right then and there and confess that he liked her and ask her to be his and only his, like something out of a movie. Girls liked that, right? Other days he would just feel like giving up on her completely. Seeing her with Trent was hell for him, but there was something inside of him that was happy for her. He enjoyed seeing her in love, even if it was at his expense. 

Jacob ended up loving her for afar for the next two years. During the middle of junior year he finally started to let her go. She was still with Trent, albeit she did seem like she was growing tired. He'd started admiring another girl from school, Evangeline. While he didn't like her as much as he liked Allie, she was nice to have around. They could talk about stuff and they were comfortable just sitting in silence next to each other. The only sounds to be their breathing and whatever was around them.

It was nearing the time of the year where the end-of-the-year parties started. Jacob and Evangeline weren't invited to many. She was a cheerleader, but she was one of the quiet ones, she didn't really enjoy the party life but she loved the excitement to performing. Jacob was more of an independent soul, going with the flow and changing hobbies often. His circle of friends was always changing.

There was one party though, that everyone in the school was invited to, Meridith Easely's annual bash. The typical socialite-stuck-in-public-school type, these yearly parties were Meridith's way of showing everyone how much better than the she was and how rich she was, but everyone just showed up for the free booze and food. 

Allie and Trent went together, of course, but Evangeline went alone. Jacob hadn't wanted to risk running into Allie for fear it might re-open the wound. He did still love her, but he also loved Evangeline. It was just better to stay at home and not risk any drama, he thought. 

Most of the time he liked the parties. It was nice to feel like he was one of the more popular people at school, to see everyone in a casual situation. He'd always gone to Meridith's parties as they really were the best of the year. When he thought about it more, he decided to go to the party anyways. Evangeline was going anyways so he could just surprise her. He was in a relationship after all, maybe he was just still in his old mindset and was actually over Allie. 

He drove to the party anyways, though every mile down the road he drove made him think of more reasons why he should maybe turn the car around and forget about the whole idea.

The house looked like any stereotypical high school party, drunk teens running wild and couples all over each other sprawled out wherever. Most of the action was in the backyard with the pool and the DJ. Music was blaring and people were grinding on the dance floor in ways that most wholesome young adults probably shouldn't behave. Jacob just wandered aimlessly around the party, sub-conciously trying and hoping to run into Allie. If someone asked him if he was looking for someone he would just say he was looking for Evangeline.

Walking past the kitchen he decided to grab a beer thinking it might help him be able to think things through better, make him less tense. Five minutes later he was back for another. Then another. Then another, until he was very drunk. Now Jacob wasn't the type  to abuse alcohol or drink it often, just a beer here and there. Tonight though, he just felt like it was a nice comfort to know that he could kinda escape his little world and not really think for a while.

Drunk and desperate he started looking for Allie, and not hiding the fact that he was doing so. He found her in a group by the pool. They were playing spin the bottle and it was Allie's turn. Intoxicated as he was and with really clouded judgement, he did what he thought was the most rational way to stop her from kissing another boy that wasn't him. He ran and jumped across the table, effectively getting a deep cut on his arm and a bump on his head, as well as soaking everyone when he ended up in the pool.

The cool water sobered him up a little when he resurfaced and saw the puzzled look on Allie's face and the giggles coming from everyone around them.

He came out of the pool and began walking towards Allie to explain, but then he chickened out and walked toward the door instead. Evangeline found him after hearing all the commotion, and asked what was going on. He mumbled something about love, trying to avert his gaze from her eyes. She saw he was drunk and hurt so she just decided to ask questions later and get him fixed up.


The memory of that night was still fuzzy in Jacob's mind. All he really remembered was seeing Allie and then being very wet and hurt. When Evangeline questioned him about his out of character act the night before all her could really say was that  he didn't remember and that he needed some time apart from her to focus on himself. His heart was split in two and this tug-of-war between Allie and Evangeline kept tearing him apart. What does one do when your one true love can never be, and the one you don't thinks you're meant to be?

Monday morning he could tell that people had noticed his little outburst over the weekend. Some people gave him weird stares between classes or at lunch. Allie also couldn't help from glancing over, why was he doing this? Had she done something to him? She was with Trent now, so she thought it was too little too late should he like her. What was the only other rational explanation? They hadn't really talked in a while so she couldn't have wittingly hurt him in any way that she knew of.

Allie looked over at her boyfriend, Trent and began to wonder. Now that she had the idea planted in her head that maybe, just maybe, Jacob might like her, all the feelings from the past came bubbling back up as though she was still that 15 year old writing in her diary about a boy she just met and really liked. She began to wonder if Trent really was the guy for her, or if her feelings for Jacob were meant to be. After all, why is this happening now?

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