Over My Head (Harry Styles Fanfic)

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  • Published: 2 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2013
  • Status: Complete
When Shelby is sick of her abusive boyfriend, she decides to leave. She gets closer to her 18 year old best friend, Harry Styles and he teaches her the way love should be and the way she should be treated. But when the boyfriend finds out that she's cheating on him...


7. Chapter 6



For the first time in my life, I felt completely loved. I felt like I was on Cloud Nine. Harry put his arm around my waist as we watched a movie. I smile as he kisses my jaw before getting up to get us some Cola and Popcorn. His phone buzzes, so I pick it up.


"He-ey." I stuttered as I clammer over the table. "This is Harry's phone."

"Hello? Oh, hello, Harry dear. This is nana."

"Lemme get him, Nana."

"No, no! Don't go get your sister! I want to talk to you."

She must have bad hearing.

"I sent you a gift, Harryboo." I laugh to myself while she speaks. "I miss you so very much! You have a girlfriend yet?"

"Um." I think about us. "Yeah, yeah I do."

"What's her name?"



"No, Shelby."


"S-H-E-L-B-Y. Shelby." I repeat until she finally says, "Oh, Shelby! What a lovely name, Harryboo."

"I should go, Nana. Love you." I start moving the phone away from my mouth.

"Hu-oh! Harryboo, I love you. Bye, Baby! Nana loves you!" There's a silence, then I realise she hasn't hung up.

"Well, bye." I say and hang up the phone. I put the phone down and Harry comes in. "Nana called."

Harry looks at me and laughs. "And she didn't talk your head off?"

"Nah, she's an angel. I told her you're dating Shelby, S-H-E-L-B-Y, she sent you a gift, she misses you, and she loves you, bye."

"Oh, ok. You should be my secretary." He smiles and gives me a kiss.

"Harry!" I swat at his face. "I'm watching a movie! Geez." I joke.


We finish the movie, popcorn, and Cola and then finally fall asleep. I hear a knock at the door. I get up, look at my sleeping prince, and quietly walk over to the door. I recognise the frame through the glass. It's Tyler.

Thankfully, I hear the familiar footsteps of my Protector. He puts his arms around my waist and whispers in my ear.

"Who's at the door? Let's welcome them."

"Harry, don't. It-It's Tyler. Please, just make sure everything is locked and let's go, please." I pull at his arm. He shakes me off and pushes me into a room. "Harry! What are you doing?" He looks at me and shuts the door. I hear the click of the lock.

"Under NO conditions do you speak." I hear him say.

"Harry, please!"

"Shut up." He says sternly.

I hear the door open.

"Styles, you seen my property?"

"You're property?" He emphasises 'property.'

"Yeah, my property. My girl." He sounds pretty sober for it to be four in the morning.

"Sorry, I haven't seen any of your property." I hear the door start to creak as it closes.

"Wait, wait a minute...That's either your purse that looks like Shelby's, or it's Shelby's." I hear him as he enters the house. "Shelby! Shelby, Baby, come out! Baby, we're going home. Now!" I try to open the door. Harry might get hurt if Tyler doesn't find me. I hear the items in my purse fall to the floor.  "Yup: purse, wallet, that missing earring, and of course, no money. This is Shelby's. Where is she, Styles?"

"Get out of my house, Tyler."

"Not until Shelby is with me."

"Get out, or I call the cops."

It is silent, then I hear Tyler walk through the door.

"SHELBY!" Tyler shouts. "I'll be back tomorrow, you hear?" He shouts. I start to cry.


Harry comes in and hugs me. "Shh, it's ok. He's gone. He's not going to get you." He says as he strokes my arm. He kisses my cheek softly, then he tells me it'll be ok. "I won't let anything happen to you, Shelby."

I feel completely safe in his strong, protecting arms.

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