Over My Head (Harry Styles Fanfic)

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  • Published: 2 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2013
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When Shelby is sick of her abusive boyfriend, she decides to leave. She gets closer to her 18 year old best friend, Harry Styles and he teaches her the way love should be and the way she should be treated. But when the boyfriend finds out that she's cheating on him...


32. Chapter 29

5 Years Later



"Daddy, daddy, daddy!" Jamie said as he ran out of the beach house. His curls were distraught and the toy in his hand broken.

"What's wrong, Jamie?"

"My toy is broken." He said as his eyes teared up.

"Jamie, hey, Jamie." I put my hand under his chin as I took his toy. "It's okay. I'll make it better."

"Thanks, Daddy." I ruffled his hair and tried to fix the toy, but it was impossible.


"Hey, Buddy. I'm sorry, I can't fix your toy. It's beyond fixing."

"But, Daddy. You said you could."

"I know. But you can't fix some things. Tell you what, we'll go get a new toy tomorrow."

"But I want this toy."

"I'm sorry, Buddy. But you can't have that toy."

He sat on my lap and held his broken toy in his hands.

"Why do things break and make me sad?"

"So that you grow stronger." I said as I took the toy and put it in the sand.

"I love you, Daddy."

"I love you too, Jamie. Go play, okay? I'll make dinner in a little bit."


He ran inside as I put the toy in the trash and looked at the sun set. It reminded me of Shelby. It was warm and beautiful. But I was happy that I had Jamie. I was happy, even though a part of me was gone. I walked inside and hugged my son as I thought of how much I missed her. But she would never be forgotten. Not on my watch.


                                                                     THE END.



                                                         MASYN ROSE CHARDER



Next book: "Oh, Bo."

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