Over My Head (Harry Styles Fanfic)

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  • Published: 2 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2013
  • Status: Complete
When Shelby is sick of her abusive boyfriend, she decides to leave. She gets closer to her 18 year old best friend, Harry Styles and he teaches her the way love should be and the way she should be treated. But when the boyfriend finds out that she's cheating on him...


24. Chapter 22

"Harry, it's Harry!" I heard somebody shout as my hand tapped on the door.

"Har-" His mother started ti say until she saw that it was me. "May I help you?" She asked curiously.

"Uh- I'm Harry's- The name's Shelby." I reached out to shake her hand.

"Anne. Anne Styles."

"Mum!" Harry said from behind me.

"Harry." She said as she pulled him in for a hug. "Come on in." She said awkwardly to me as she talking to Harry. He didn't even take my hand, he just left me on my own to walk down the hall. Thanks a lot, 'Ol Faithful.



"So-" Anne tried to remember my name to no avail.


"So, Shelby, you're a friend?" Gemme asked as she looked at me from across the table.

I finished my bite, turning over the question in my mind as I chewed and swallowed. I looked at Harry, but he was looking at his Mum, at his plate, then at Gemme, then finally at me. I looked at him cluelessly.

"Mum, Shelby is actually my girlfriend." He said before coughing to end the dead silence.

"Oh my gosh!" Gemme said as she put down her fork. His mum traced the top of her water glass with her finger as she pinned me with a cold stare.

I smiled as Gemme sat down next to me.

'Yeah' was all I managed to say.

"How long? Are you-no, Harry's good-but not that good-are you...?"

"Am I what?" I looked at her with a confused face.


"Oh, gosh, no! No, I'm not. This is...love." I said as I took Harry's hand.

"Oh, good. So this is by choice?" She continued to interagate us.

"That's what I'm wondering. Harry, were you forced?" His mum asked.

"Anne, no he wasn't. Even I know that." I snapped. I was sick of her not accepting that he makes choices on his own.

"Now listen, young lady-"

"No, actually, but thank you for the idea. You my listen. I love Harry with absolutely all my heart. Nothing can convince me to change. He is my everything. If you don't like that...then deal with it." I said as I pointed a spoon at her. I looked at the spoon before dropping it on the table. It wasn't exactly helping me.

She looked at me before opening her mouth. "I knew it. Perfect together!" She said on a different note. Harry started cracking up.

"You should have seen yourself!" He laughed. My mouth was open. What was that all about?

"Wha-what?" I asked, completely confused.

"I always test the girls he brings home." She said casually before ripping apart a piece of bread. I looked at Harry after hearing about the girls. He fake coughed and but his hand down some, trying to appear invisible. I got up and went over to sit on his chair. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. I thought they might as well meet the real me right off the bet.

"Bet none of them ever kissed you like that." I said seductively. Harry gave a low laugh as he placed his hands on my waist and lifted me up. His fingers connected to mine.

"We're going for a walk." He said to his mum before winking at me. I bit my lip as he pulled me out the door and down to the sidewalk.

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