Over My Head (Harry Styles Fanfic)

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  • Published: 2 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2013
  • Status: Complete
When Shelby is sick of her abusive boyfriend, she decides to leave. She gets closer to her 18 year old best friend, Harry Styles and he teaches her the way love should be and the way she should be treated. But when the boyfriend finds out that she's cheating on him...


14. Chapter 12







I can't believe it. Harry lost it with me, then he tried to make out, then he slammed the door, now he won't talk to me. This relationship is going downhill.

I wiped a tear from my eye, not going unnoticed my Harry. His knuckles were white, snow white. He squeezed his hand on the wheel.

"God, Harry, just talk to me. Yelling is better than this." I almost whispered.

"What do you want me to say? 'Glad you don't mind turds flirting with you'? Hell no." He shouted.

"Then tell me the truth!"

The car went to a sudden stop as Harry unbuckled his belt. He turned in his seat and pulled me as close as he could and looking into my eyes.

"I don't want people flirting with you, especially since you're kind of...my girl." He rested his forehead against mine, squeezing his eyes close as he thought of what to say. "If I lost you I'd die." These words made my heart skip a beat. "Or beat the life out of the guy who took you." My breathing seized as he leaned in impossibly close to me. He sensed my hesitation to relax. "Baby, calm down." He said soothingly as he rubbed circles in my arms. I gave him a weak smile. I tried to relax, but my muscles wouldn't let me. My body started to lightly shake as Harry accidentally touched my wrists. He looked down, observing the marks he'd left from our earlier episode. I almost couldn't bare the pain I saw in his eyes. The reminder he had left making him curse himself.

"Harry, it's ok." I lifted his chin, making him let me look into his green orbs.

"No, it's not." His voice was harsh.

"Shut up, Harry." I pleaded. I leaned forward a centimeter and kissed his plump lips. Why was he irresistable?

He withdrew his presence from my lips as he pressed his foot to the gas, making me lurch forward quite awkwardly.

"Sorry, sorry." He said seriously. A smile tugged at his lips as he looked at me. I knudged his shoulder as he started to laugh.

"Harry, stop it!" I whinned.

"You're so cute when you're mad." He teased.

"You're adorable when you're sad." I countered.

"Shelby, guys aren't adorable." He said.

"I think you are."

"Adorable?" He said as he pulled into the parking lot of his flat. He leaned in to me. His lips brushed my neck as he reached my ear. "Adorable, huh?" He said as he moved to my lips, roughly giving me a sloppy kiss.

I batted him away. He laughed at my response as he hopped out of the car. He opened the door for me and offered his hand. I shied away.

"I'm good."

Guess that wasn't a good enough answer. He grabbed my hand and helped me out. He pulled me towards his flat and stopped in front of the dark wood door.

He opened it with ease and guided me in. He locked the door behind us.

"Nice flat." I said to break this silence.

"You've said that before." He said with a gorgeous smile. I looked at all the picutures, magazines, and CDs.

"I love this one!" I said as I pulled out a CD that I didn't know was supporting all of them. The CDs fell to the floor with a crash. My hand covered my mouth as I looked at the mess I had made.

"Don't worry about it. Go sit down." He said harshly. I bent down and started to pick up the CDs.

"Oh, come on, Harry. It's my fault." I said as I put a stack on the shelf.

"I mean it." He said more seriously. This time a smile didn't follow. He wasn't joking. I bent down once again, this time my wrists met his hands. "Did I sound a little amused?" He asked. When I didn't respond he shook me.

"N-no." I said. I had learned once before about this temper. It was different from Tyler's though. Tyler got mad at nothing, Harry usually got mad at something I was doing. Still, I didn't want to meet his temper again. He pulled me up and made me go sit down. When he finished he popped in the CD I liked and went over to the kitchen.

"Shelby, I just don't want you getting hurt."

"From CDs? Are you joking?" My laughing seized as I looked at his eyes. I sipped some of my tea I had poured and went back to the living room. I sat down, later accompanied my another figure. Harry put his arms around me protectively after I put down my tea. I played with his massive hands. I could feel his gaze on me as I brought his hand to my mouth, kissing each finger softly.

"My hands must be more interesting than I thought." He looked at me cheekily.

"They're massive." I said as I put his hand down. He rested it on my stomach as I leaned back towards him. He put his feet up so that I was sandwiched between him and the loveseat. I stuggled to get some breathing room.

"Having some trouble there, Love?" He asked innocently.

"Not at all." I said as I rested my head on his chest. I could feel his chest as it rose and fell. My fingers traced his clothed muscles.

He played with a strand of hair as I played my little game.




I could tell she was afraid as we watched the movie I had popped in. It was one of those horror movies. I knew the really scary part was coming up, so I looked at her. She watched the screen. When the scary part came she jumped, hiding her face under my blanket. I held onto her, ensuring that she wouldn't fall off the seat.

"Careful, there." I laughed as she made her way to the surface, peeking out over the blanket at the screen. I tried to hide a smile as she let out a heavy sigh and leaned against me. "We should do this more often." I said.

"No." She gushed.

"Oh, but they're so fun! This one isn't at all scary, is it?" I taunted.

"No, not at all."

"Oh, we'll change to a different film then." I said as I started to get up. She grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me back.

"No, don't worry about it. It's ok." She smiled such a fake smile it was funny.

"Well, if you insist." I said casually as I sipped my Cola. She released a breath and relaxed. I smiled as I watched her continuosly jump at the parts that weren't even that scary. There was one that actually scared me, though. I almost wet my trousers.

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