Undercover celebrity

My job is to remain a secret but i'm sure you will guess what it is i the first chapter. my new partner is a celebrity and easily distracts me. will this cost me my job? will this conclude in my life spiraling out of control? or will i stay plain old me?


1. Chapter 1

The name I use most often is Scarlett. Otherwise I have another 23 to choose from. I cannot tell you my occupation but just that I am a very wanted woman and wear a disguise so often I sometimes mumble into accents when I speak. I have a good life with a good job. I am only 20 and I most Likely the face you see on wanted posters but you wouldn't recognise me. You will never know my true identity but you will know my life in a certain aspect. 
I stepped into the sleek black car in front of me. I was surprised to see another man in there. He had blonde hair which was styled into a quiff upon his head. His stunning brown eyes hit me as I melted inside them. I watched as he dropped a finger into his sour patch kids.. "I'm a new agent and I have come to work for and with you. I am your partner." For safety reasons I pulled of his necklace and swirled it around his wrist. A little code number came up indicating that he was my partner, no enemy's new about this but I still have to be certain before I let someone in on the deal. I pulled a pin out of my hair and placed it in his thumb a drop of blood fell into my watch. As the blood was processing through my watch I heard him say softly "you are beautiful!" I wasn't in a disguise so I had my long blonde hair flowing swiftly down my back. I had blue eyes and was hardly anything special. Or beautiful. I blushed and my cheeks went as red as tomatoes. "I didn't say that aloud did I?" He asked cautiously. I looked at him and he looked at the ground I nodded and he smiled with his pearly white teeth at me. PING my watch beeped as the details came through. This confirmed of he was my partner or not and it couldn't be faked. 
So now I have a partner who is seriously hot and distracts me already, I hope I don't fall for him. "So Justin. Did Mr. Z give you the de-brief?" I asked as I eyed his details finding his name. "Yes he did. He also told me you were his top agent!" He looked into my eyes as I nodded. "Yes I Most likely am. Oh. My name is Scarlett." I smiled "for now" I mumbled under my breath. As the started turning into the big warehouse I pulled my hair up and slid a wig into place. I put contact lenses on and slicked some black lipstick on. I pulled on some gloves just as the car stopped. In my pocket I had my gadgets and my phone. As I walked I felt the reassurance when I felt the cold metal or my gun tapping my ankle gently. 
As we progressed forward I crouched behind some big barrels. I listened closely and so did Justin. "Okay so, I have the girl, where is the money?" One spoke "you can have it when I see her." I heard a trucks back door open and a woman screaming. "Here she is, know where is my 20,000?" I peeped around the corner to see guns glinting in the sunlight. "Perfect" I muttered. After a moment of thinking I slowly pulled the gadget out of my pocket. I pulled a small gas bomb out of it. I threw it into the middle of the circle. As Justin, raced for the girl I took the guns from there hands. "Okay. You are all under arrest. Just then the whirring of police sirens sounded near by. With my gun raised towards the two big burly men who stood before me. "We don't want you hurting yourself so drop the guns sweetie" I glared at the man who had just spoken he leered at me the. Tried to step forward but i lunged the gun forwards indicating for him to stop. He stepped backwards as Justin ran to the ambulance that had just pulled up, with the still bounded and gagged woman. The officers came and slid handcuffs onto the wrists of the two men. They nodded and smiled at me, they knew two agents would be on the scene. As they got sent away in police cars the woman sat in the back of the ambulance shaken. She then lifted her finger towards Justin and screamed. That was when I realised I was working with Justin Bieber, he smiled and gave the woman an autograph and picture. I stepped back into the cab and lifted the seats to provide myself with more gas bombs and gadgets. Justin then jumped into the car, as it sped of i looked into Justin's eyes. "Okay so why did you leave your fame and fortune for this job?" He smiled at me and replied "I didn't I still do that." 
"Oh well that will be difficult! You are famous and need to be unrecognised and undercover?" He looked at the floor as I looked out the window. "That's the reason I am good for this job. Nobody suspects the celebrity. And it shocks people if they find out, but I have many disguises just like you." It was then I pulled of my wig and popped my contacts out. He watched me carefully, as if he was analysing my every move. The car pulled up in front of the head quarters. Well to you it looked like an ordinary telephone box, but once inside you press a certain combination and a little door at the side opens you then scan you finger and eye then you are in. The telephone box shoots down at about 20mph. We got to the bottom floor and walked onto Mr. Z office he smiled at us as we sat down.

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