Butterman and nyan cat adventures

This story i just kinda made up :3


1. The Way Of The Wind

Once upon a time there was a little cat/poptart her mommy left her because of the attack by butter people.When the little nyancat grew up she left home the wreakage of the home was very interesting.Nyan cat didnt really care because she was brave and she truely missed her mother but couldnt do anything about it at all.When nyancat hit earth she wondered what are these green things? are they puke? green turds? nyancat wasnt very sure about this strange new thing.But once she tried to eat it a vlittle yellow thing came towards her and said ' My name is butterman may i ask yours ' he asked nyancat wasnt really sure to tell him but she did ' Nyancat ' he looked at her menanly then said ' Nyancat? arent you and my people against eachother? '

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