Incendiary induction

So this is my entry for the 'One week at Hogwarts' competition.
It is about a girl called Liz Smith who is selected to go to a school for one week; never did she imagine that this would be Hogwarts, the school of her dreams!


2. Day one

       When my eyes snapped open the next morning, I panicked as I completely forgot where I was. I was expecting to hear the sounds of the younger children running around and screaming for us to wake up; instead, there was silence. I sat up and looked around the room, beginning. But then, I remembered. Picking up my watch, I saw that it was ten to seven and with a sigh I pulled myself out of bed. I washed and then began to choose my outfit for the day. In the end, I choose a simple blue dress with a slim black belt that goes across the waist. I sat in front of the large mirror and carefully began applying my make up; a small amount of foundation, eye liner and mascara. I slid a small blob of shimmering lip gloss across my lips and then began to mess with my hair. Running a brush through the raven black hair, I was amazed how quickly the frizz disappeared and my hair was once again  nice and straight. The long, midnight blue streak in my fringe seemed to be more electric than I remembered but that could just be from the lighting in this room. My green eyes were wide and amplified from the recently applied mascara. Then, I quickly dressed and I was downstairs just before eight o'clock. 

     To my surprise, Teddy and Sara were already waiting for me. Both of them were dressed in the same uniforms as yesterday, except Teddy's hair was a little bit darker. 

"Ready to go?" Sara asked. 

"Ready as I will ever be!" I replied with a shrug of my shoulders. 

So, we left the common room and strolled down the staircase to the great hall. When we entered, I noticed something that I did not see the last time I was in there; the ceiling looked like the night sky and candles were hanging in mid air with no wires visible. 

Magic, it must be magic!

Teddy and Sara sat me down with Oliver and Tom, then we all began to eat the breakfast that was laid out in front of us. The food was as delicious as that of the night before and I found myself eating a large plate of bacon, eggs and black pudding before I could stop myself. Teddy turned to me and handed me this slip of paper, 

"Our timetable," I studied it for a second and then slipped it into my pocket, "We have double potions this morning but that's okay, Slughorn is an okay guy. Just a but annoying at  times. Speaking of potions, we best get going; don't want you to be late for your first lesson here!"

  With a large sigh, we both stood up; said goodbye to the others, and walked away. As we walked, I noticed that quite a lot of people were staring at me; I felt my cheeks redden and quickened my pace so that I was did not get separated from Teddy. He led me over through a courtyard, over a bridge and into another building. We then walked to a side arch and suddenly I was in the dark dungeon. A group of people were already lined up outside and each of them nodded our way. Teddy stood us away from the group and I asked,

"So what exactly do you do in potions class?" 

He grinned and replied, "Make different brews basically. It is cool, dunno how you will do it though; it involves a lot of magic!"

He then started to explain all the different things that you have to do in potions, I half listened whilst I looked around. It was dark, very dark and it looked like nobody had cleaned the corner of the walls and ceilings for they were covered in cobwebs. Candles flickered in holders on the walls and I soon became absorbed by the dancing light; so absorbed that I did not hear the short man with the large belly arrive. He stood in front of the class, hands folded in front of his large stomach and said, 

"In you go then!" 

Teddy gave me an encouraging smile and we walked towards the man.

"Professor!" Teddy grinned, "This is Liz Smith, the muggle!" 

"Ahh ..... of course, Minerva said you would be here. You obviously will not be able to do your own potion for you have no magic but I am sure that Mr Lupin will be happy for the help!" 

"Yes sir!"  

   We entered the room and Teddy choose a spot near the back of the room; then he began to get out the various ingredients that were in the cutest little jars. Then he set a black cauldron on a fire and began to look for a book in his small satchel. 

"Chop these for me please!" He instructed.

I nodded my head and spent a large part of the lesson in a fairly simple rhythm; chop, hand over to Teddy and chop so more. It was simple but before I knew it, it was half way through the double lesson. That was when I had chopped everything that I could for Teddy and I was just stood around watching. 

   That was when I heard it, the whispering. Whispering from a group of people huddled around a bubbling cauldron. I could just her small wisps of the conversation. 

" ..... she's a muggle ......"

" ..... cruel to Hogwarts ....."

" ..... deface the line ...."

 My blood began to boil at the things that they were saying and anger was raising up inside me. I opened my mouth to say something, when suddenly the cauldron that they were gathered around exploded. 

A scream escaped the lips of the girls that were stood in front of them and Slughorn shouted, 

"Okay everyone okay, calm down. Exit the room; quickly now, quickly."

      Everyone scurried from the room and to all of our relief the lesson was over due to much smoke in the dungeon. Teddy and I hurried over to the common room to relax before dinner.

Thankfully, the rest of the school day was not as eventful. I had transfiguration with McGonagall and History of magic with Binns. After this, we went to the common room for a few hours, then we had our evening meal. It was during this that something strange happened. An large owl swooped down and dropped a letter onto my plate of roast chicken. I picked up the letter, which was really just a piece of folded parchment. I flipped it open and began to read the swirling writing, it read,

Dear Miss Smith, 

Would you please come to my office this evening at eight o'clock this evening so that I can talk to you of the events that you will witness this evening. 

Your sincerely, 

Minerva McGonagall. 

   I stared at the parchment for a moment then screwed it up and shoved it into my pocket. Teddy nudged me in the ribs, a questioning look on his face. 

""Professor McGonagall wants to see me this evening," I explained. 

"Alright, I will take you to her office!"

With a smile, we both stood up and walked from the room. 

* * *

     At five to eight, we were stood outside of the headmistress office. My heart was pounding in my chest and I was breathing sharply. Teddy patted me on the arm supportively, then I knocked on the door. 

"It used to be cooler, according to my uncle. There was a spiral staircase apparently when he was here!" Teddy said in amazement.

"Cool!" I replied as the door swung open. 

I took a deep breath and walked into the archway. The breath caught in my throat as I saw the Professor McGonagall was sat behind a large desk. She peered at me from over the top of her square glasses that were slowly sliding down her nose. 

"Take a seat, Miss Smith!"

I did as I was instructed and twiddled my thumbs; unsure what I was meant to do. 

"How has your day been?"

"Fine, save for the incident in Potions this morning!"

"Ahh, yes. I heard about that. I suppose it gave you a nice shocking start to the school year."

"That it did!"

"Now then, I am going to explain to you what will happen on Sunday and there is something that we need to talk about because of it!" 

"Very well!"

"On Sunday, I shall apparate you out of Hogwarts and back to your home. But, this is something that I must show my deep concern for, you will not be able to tell any muggle of what you have witnessed. Do you agree?"

"Yes, I understand the secretiveness that is required!"

"Very good. That is all that I wished to talk to you about, you may leave!"

"Thank you Professor," I replied as I stood up and left the room.   




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