Incendiary induction

So this is my entry for the 'One week at Hogwarts' competition.
It is about a girl called Liz Smith who is selected to go to a school for one week; never did she imagine that this would be Hogwarts, the school of her dreams!


1. Arrival

            "Just close your eyes and do not let go!" A strict voice guided me. 

Fear spread through me and I clung to the old woman's arm; unsure what was going to happen. I paused, wondering if she was playing a joke on me or if she was completely insane. But, just as I was about to open my mouth and speak; it happened. A small tingling sensation started in my toes then continued up my legs. Soon it had consumed my whole body. My chest became tight and I felt that my lungs were going to explode from the lack of air. My eyes felt like someone was pressing their hands firmly against them; and my ear drums seemed to be creeping further and further into my ears.  

Then, as quickly as it had started; it was over. Breath returned to my lungs and I practically collapsed on the floor; my stomach retching as it tried to throw up a meal that I had eaten only a few hours before. Yet, there was nothing there to be sick over. Opening my eyes, I was about to scream at the woman; demanding what she had just done to me. But this all changed, once my eyes had adjusted to the light. 

             I was not in the same room as I was only moments ago. Now, I was in a small chamber that was furnished with only a table and two chairs. I stared, wide eyed, at my surroundings unsure what where I was or what I was supposed to say. I turned to look at the woman. She had blackish hair that was pulled back into a tight bun, some small wisps of grey hair were flying free, and some small beady eyes that were slightly hidden behind some square glasses. She had a tight smile on her face and I could just make out a look of concern in her eyes. 

"Welcome, Miss Smith, to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry!" She said. 

* * * 

       I would never have thought that I would be the student selected to go on a very special exchange to this mysterious school  that our headteacher went to several years ago. Non of us were told what this school was called or where it was; but everyone of us had our names put in this cup. One of them would be taken from this cup and the winner would go on this trip; and that was I. 

So on the date of Sunday the 17th of May 2014, I was sat in my room in my room at the orphanage; a suitcase besides me. A small book was in my hand and I was sitting their quietly reading when the knock sounded on my partly open door. 

"Come in!" I called. 

   The door opened and in stepped this woman all dressed in rather strange looking tartan robes. 

"I assume that you are Miss Elizabeth Smith, I am Minerva McGonagall. If you would please come with me then I can escort you to your school for the next week!"

      Once I had given her a suspicious look up and down, I shrugged my shoulders and grabbed the rucksack that was beside me. She held out her arm, I took it and .... 

* * *

  I blinked away the memory from only five minutes ago, it had all seemed so real; as if I was actually there. The woman, Minerva McGonagall stared down at me; her beady eyes filled with curious concern. 

"Did ... did you just say witchcraft, as in sorcery?" I spluttered.

A laugh shook the woman's frail looking body and she let a smile curve her lips, "That is what I said. This is Hogwarts a school for young wizards and witches. I should know, I am the headmistress here!"

I stared at her, most of my brain was telling me to run, run for the hills at what this mad woman was saying; yet another part was actually believing everything that she was saying. 

"So ... so you are being serious!" I asked in disbelief. 

"That I am!" She chuckled to herself for a few minutes, then called over her shoulder and said, "Mr Lupin, you may come in now!"

        I was still staring from my seat on the floor, for a start I did not notice that a person was stood near me; until they had tapped me on the shoulder. I whipped my head around, fists in front of my face; ready to defend myself if I needed to. Instead, a light olive hand was held out to me and I took it. I did not study the person until I was stood up and had a chance to dust the folds out of my skirt. When I looked, I saw that the person was a young boy around my own age ( 16). He had dark brown eyes that seemed to be changing colour the more I looked they seemed to turn lighter and lighter, and light turquoise hair that short and looked as though someone had ruffled it a few minutes ago. He was wearing black trousers and black robe, a white blouse was beneath it and a tie that was red and yellow was just visible beneath his chin. 

"Miss Smith, this is Mr Teddy Lupin. For this week he will be your 'buddy' all your classes will be together and he is charge of looking after you between lessons!" 

Teddy Lupin held out his hand once more and I shook it, "It's a pleasure to meet you!" He said, a smile curving his lips. 

"You too!" 

"Miss Smith, if you would like to follow Mr Lupin into the grand hall; you can take your seat with Gryffindor house. I shall announce your presence during the meal!" 

And from that, I knew that we were dismissed. 

We exited the room and I was unsure what to expect, this school was magic, magic; what was I supposed to expect. But, when I walked into the room behind Teddy I saw nothing out of the ordinary; just several students milling into a grand chamber. Teddy looked back at me encouragingly as we strode in the room. Thankfully, Teddy walked nearest the walls so that I did not have to face the embarrassment of walking straight through the room. There were four tables, each filled with a vast number of students with the same coloured ties on. I was led to the table the wall that was nearest to us; Teddy led me to a group of four other people, three lads and one girl. 

"Alright Guy?" Teddy said as he sat down besides, "This is Elizabeth Smith, the exchange student!" 

The three guys nodded their head at me, whilst the girl grinned and patted the space next to her. I slipped in and Teddy plonked himself down besides me. There was silence for a few minutes as nobody knew what to say, thankfully Teddy was there to save the day. 

"That's Jake, Oliver and Tom," He said pointing to each of the boys in turn, "And this lovely lady is Sara!" 

"Hi," I mumbled. 

"So, where are you from?" Sara asked. 

"An ... a small town near Birmingham!" 

"I bet your parents were thrilled, when they heard!" 

I stared at my thumbs for a moment and mumbled, "My mother died giving birth whilst my father never returned from Afghanistan. I live in a Orphanage ..." My voice drifted off. 

"Oh, I didn't realise, I am sorry!" 

"It's fine, I just don't like to talk about it!" 

"That is understand able!" 

"Can I have your attention please?" McGonagall voice called from a high table at the top off the hall, "As you all know, a muggle has been granted the opportunity to attend our school for a week. This young Lady has arrived today. She is sat with the Gryffindor's as I speak. Please grant Miss Elizabeth Smith with as much grace and wonderfulness as you would any other student here!" 

I blushed a deep crimson as she spoke and that Teddy, Jake, Oliver and Tom were all waving there hands pointing madly at me. All the students stared at me, some sniggering whilst others just looked at me with kind smiles. 

"Settle down, settle down. You will all be able to spend sometime with Miss Smith shortly; now let us enjoy our meal!" McGonagall called. 

When she had sat down, I curiously looked up and down the table; all there was was empty plates. I furrowed my brow and looked curiously at Teddy, who just grinned with joy. Suddenly, the empty silver plates before me were piled high with the most delicious food that I had ever seen. 

"This ..... this ...... this is amazing!" I sputtered. 

Oliver chuckled away to himself as he placed various items of food onto his own plate. 

"But how ... how is that possible?"

"Magic," Tom said shrugging his shoulders. 

"So this really is a magic school. This isn't just some joke that people are playing on me?" I asked. 

"Nope," Jake replied, his mouth filled with mashed potato.

I shrugged my shoulders and began to place some of the endless amounts of food on to my plate, chatting as I did so. 

* * *

       Once the final morsel of chocolate fondant had vanished off the table, all the students began to stand up and gather any belongings that they had brought with them. Teddy hooked my rucksack over his shoulder and looked at me with a smile, "Let's go and show you your room!"

So we began to walk, up and up the endless staircase. Past portraits of people from years ago, each painted person moved between all the different paintings and I could not stop myself from staring. 

"It takes a while to get used to it doesn't it!" Sara giggled, flicking a strand of her light brown hair off of her face, "Oh and mind the staircases they can change at will and there as some steps that are actually not there so you have to keep an eye out for them." 

I nodded my head as the information sunk in and I was able to watch the students around me hurrying off to work. We walked for an age, twisting in and out of different corridors and through certain passage ways. Eventually, we came to a rest in front of a portrait of a woman dressed in a Roman dress. 

"Werewolf!" Teddy spoke. 

The lady in the portrait nodded her head and the portrait swung backwards, revealing a room behind it. Teddy walked through it as if it was the simplest thing in the world but I paused; confusion coursing through my veins. Sara gave me a little shove and I stumbled rather elegantly through the door. 

I looked around the room in amazement. It was very large, with squashy armchairs dotted here and there, small tables were in the middle of the small chair groups and a large fireplace with an open fire that crackled and hissed at me. The room was already filled with a load of students and I suddenly realised that they were all staring at me. Teddy beckoned me to follow him with a slight nod of his head, and I did so. We walked up a single set of spiralling staircases until we were at the very top; facing a lone, oak door. Teddy opened it and walked in. 

When I too, finally, went in; I saw that the room was in fact a bedroom with a large four-poster bed in the centre wall. 

"This is your room for the week!" Teddy said with a grin, "We usually share our rooms with four other people but since your new we changed that. The room we just walked through is the Gryffindor common room and we all go there at this time every evening to chill."

Teddy began to explain how things worked as I unzipped my bag and began to unpack, "We share all the same lessons so I will wait for you down stairs tomorrow morning and we will all go to breakfast together. Lessons start at nine so I would be down stairs for eight. I will give you your timetable tomorrow!" 

By the time Teddy had finished talking, I was just putting my toiletries in the small bathroom. When I went back in the bedroom, Teddy was being a lovely gentleman and was putting some of my dresses and tops on hangers for me. 

"I won't have to wear a uniform, will I?" I asked. 

"McGonagall didn't mention it, and I doubt she wouldn't make you buy a uniform for just this one week. Check the draws just in case!" He suggested. 

I did as I was told, but there was nothing in them besides an extra blanket and pillow, "Nothing!" I replied. 

"You are so lucky, you can wear whatever you want!" He grinned.

"That isn't really a great thing," I stated, "Everyone will know that I am the non magic girl who is here for a week!"


     With Teddy's help, I had put all my belongings away in about half an hour and then we just sat on the edge of my bed talking. 

"Teddy, what is a muggle?" I asked. 

"It's what we call non magic folk," Teddy replied. 

"Oh ..." I replied. 

"Is that the time!" Teddy exclaimed, staring down at his watch in disbelief, "We had better get off to bed!" 

I nodded my head, "See you tomorrow then!"

"See you!" 

And with that, he was gone. 

         I quickly changed into my pajammas and climbed into the bed. The mattress was soft beneath me and I drifted to sleep as soon as my head made contact with my pillow.    




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