I'll never forget it. The adrenaline. I wasn't always like this. But, When it comes to saving the people you love... You transform. Into something completely different. For me it wasn't a cop or a firefighter or even a straight A student. I became something different. A Killer.


2. Got A Hit

(Harry's POV) 

I raise and lower the weights down onto my chest the cold metal bar holding them on each side of me. 
"I'm running out of bigger weights might wanna slow down" my leader but also partner Louis tells me I chuckle but place the bar down and sit up. I wasn't to buff. I mean I was strong but I wasn't Taylor lautner buff. 
I got up my track pants hanging low the waist band of my boxers showing.
"Got a hit on Thomas" he said I snatched the papers from his hands, I was angry when I found out I didn't kill Thomas that night. 
I looked the pages over 
"He's in London?" I asked I was shocked because he hasn't been this close to me in months 
"Better get going, don't get caught I don't wanna have to bail you again." He said I nodded I walked up the steel winding stairs to my room I put on black jeans and a white and blue baseball jersey. I tucked my gun in the back of my jeans and slipped my knife into it's leather casing putting it in my pocket and slipped on my shoes. I packed extra magazines. I turned and exited the house I took my black range rover and drove towards his known location. 
I don't think he knows I'm after him... 
I pull up at his hotel. I get out and go to his floor. 
I kick in his door my gun in hand. I slowly walk into the room when I hear a click and metal being pressed to the back of my head. 
"Long time no see" he said 
"Take out your magazine and set your gun on the table. Thomas instructed I did as told clicking my magazine out and putting my gun on the table. 
"What did you think you were going to accomplish?" He asked
"Killing you" I said angrily he tapped at the back of my head with his gun 
"Hands up!" He yelled I raised my hands. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath 
"Elbow, jab and disarm" Louis' voice echoed in my head. 
I took another deep breath opening my eyes I brought back my elbow. I turned grabbing his wrist with the gun pointing it away I threw a punch landing it on his cheek I then grabbed his gun and grabbed my magazine standing it up vertically and bringing my gun down snapping the magazine into place. I tucked his gun in my waist band and kicked his knee I heard a crack sound nod he fell back I tackled him down he struggled then I pulled back my gun clicking a bullet in place I pointed the gun at his forehead 
"Look kid what happened to your girl wasn't my fault!" He said I moved my gun away and grabbed his jaw in my hand 
"Oh really? I watched you stab her multiple times and your gunna tell me it wasn't your fault!" I yelled 
"It really wasn't kid" 
"Shut it! Tell it to the devil when you get there." I said and pulled the trigger. 

I sighed I rolled his body up in the mat and picked it up he was scrawny and tall. Easy to carry. I threw it on the bed I looted threw his stuff. I threw his clothes on the floor and took all of his mobster cash and ammo and a few hand guns and combat knives. I smirked and put the bag over my shoulder I took out my match book. I looked at him he didn't deserve to be cremated. I picked up his body and threw it over my shoulder I carried him down to the parking garage. I took him to the closest dump. I but him in the pile of trash making sure it wasn't obvious and got in my car leaving. 
I felt a little better, I had avenged my beautiful girlfriend. 
But I had a feeling.. A feeling like your not finished yet. 
I tightened my grip on the steering wheel. 
No, I'm not done yet. 

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