My mother hot boyfriend

My dad was the owner of a company really big and he was really rich.He always said that he really loved my mother.After sometime they got married and they have their first and only child,me.My mom is young and like to go out with her friends,so he was the one who took care of me.I was really close to him and I loved him.But my mom sometimes cheat on him and everyone knew it even my father.But he loved her so much that he pretended that nothing have happened.
One day my dad got really sick and he died.I was really sad.By that time I felt so lonely ‘cause my mother is never home,she always go out to parties and come back just on the other day.
Since my father’s death my mom start dating lots of boys,she always shows up with one almost every month or every week.They are always young-some have my age!- and good locking some of them have lived with us for a while.
But one day mom did something that I will never forgive her...what I did to deseerve a mom like her?


19. The visit

Cloe’s pov

I was so angry with everyone! With Jerramy, with my mom, with my

self and with Harry .For some reason I didn't cry because if Jerramy, in fact I think I was happier now than I was with him.

It was around 4pm and my mom said she would go out.

She left and I was alone...I was at my room making my homework when I heard a knock in the window, I look and saw...Harry!

I open the window

“What are you doing here?” I asked

“I need your are my only hope....”

“What do you want?”

“Can I take a shower? It's been days that I took one...”

“What happened?”

“Can I come in? Stay in this tree is not really comfortable...”


He came in and I realize how skinny he is, and he was a little dirty, he seems tired

“So after you leave me I stay in my apartment but I had no money and I had to help the guys pay the I try to find a job, but every job I got I was fired because of my bad behavior...I usually stay in my girlsfriend's house but since you I couldn't date I had no home. I fight with my friends and then take me out of the uncle doesn't want to talk to me, he doesn't want to help me...I have nobody...”

He make a paused and then continued

“I was living with an ex-girlfriend but her boyfriend didn't like me being around, so I've been leaving in the streets for 4 days....”

I stay looking at hurt me so much his situation...I hate see him suffering

“And you want to live here?”I asked

“No...your mom will never let...and I don't know if you would like this either...I just want to have a shower and eat something...”

“ can take shower in my bathroom and then you eat something, but don't take too long, my mom is out but if she come back and see you here, she will get crazy!”

“Thanks Cloe”he said and give me a kiss on the cheek

He got in the bathroom and I keep doing my homework. Then I heard my mom's car...but she had just left...anyway...I heard her coming upstairs and then I heard her calling my name...I kinda of freak out, and then when she was almost opening the door I run to the bathroom and close the door. She came in my room 


“In the bathroom mom...”

“Can I come in ? I forgot to take my meds and I left them in your bathroom”

Without time to think I get crazy...she was almost opening the door so I get in the shower, because of the curtain my mom could not see me or Harry...when I enter Harry look at me surprised, I close his mouth with my hands and stay like this until my mom get out of my room. When she did it Harry said

“You know if you want to see me naked we can  go to bed…”

“Haha” I made an ironic laugh “I'm not interested...”

“Oh please Cloe we both know you can resist…”

He hold me tight and said

“You know I miss you,I want you and I...I love you...”

That make me shiver...I loved him

“Tell me if you want me to stop”

He said and start kissing me, kiss my neck, my face, but not my mouth when his lips were really close to mine I said 

“I think that I can't live without you, I missed you, and maybe you were right, I missunderstand , I've should believed on you...sorry”

“It's ok...can I kiss you now?”

I smile, his lips came closer and closer and then we kiss!


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