My mother hot boyfriend

My dad was the owner of a company really big and he was really rich.He always said that he really loved my mother.After sometime they got married and they have their first and only child,me.My mom is young and like to go out with her friends,so he was the one who took care of me.I was really close to him and I loved him.But my mom sometimes cheat on him and everyone knew it even my father.But he loved her so much that he pretended that nothing have happened.
One day my dad got really sick and he died.I was really sad.By that time I felt so lonely ‘cause my mother is never home,she always go out to parties and come back just on the other day.
Since my father’s death my mom start dating lots of boys,she always shows up with one almost every month or every week.They are always young-some have my age!- and good locking some of them have lived with us for a while.
But one day mom did something that I will never forgive her...what I did to deseerve a mom like her?


13. Taking care of you

Harry's pov

In the party I fought with a guy to protect Cloe. I knew he was trying to rap her and without even thinking I got there  to save her.

After the fight I realize that my feet was hurt, my stomach and my nose! My nose was bleeding a lot, it could be broken....

I remember after the fight see Cloe's worried face, she said something with the boys and they helped her getting me in a tax. We leave the party and went to the hospital. All the way she was by my side, holding tight my hand.

After the doctor saw me, he said my nose didn't break but I twisted my ankle, nothing serious. But since we were far away from home, I was tired and it was very late he said we should stay in the hospital that night. He let us in a private room, not big but enough.

I really wanted to say to her something but I was so tired and although all my feelings for her, I wasn't sure what to say...before I could think more, I fall sleep...

Cloe's pov

I was speachless! This was all my fault! If I hadn't been so ridiculous and decided to flirt with a drunk strange, Harry would not have been here in the hospital....

All the way I stay by Harry's side. The doctor said not to worry about it but I couldn't! I felt so guilty! After all I said to Harry he fought to protect his words were echoing in my had:"I am the right guy" Maybe he really was...

He fall sleep and I sit in a chair not really comfortable and tried to sleep, but I couldn't, the whole night was just so crazy!

Some hours later I heard Harry moving in the bed, he opened his eyes:

“Hey” he said

“Hi, are you feeling better?”

“Yes...”he said and smile...

Then there was an awkward silence between us then we both start saying something at the same time

“You first” he said

“No, you first “I said

“You don't need to stay here with me, go home, you must be tired.”

“No I want to stay here with you”

“I appreciate that, now your turn. What you was going to say?”

“I would say that I was sorry...I was angry with myself, and blamed you while you were only taking care of me...sorry...”

“I am the one who have to apologize myself, after all you here right I was a little jealous of Jerammy and I didn't have the right to say what I said in that living room..”

“I just don't understand why you protect me after all I said to you on the street...I was so rude at you, yet, you fight to protect me, why?”

“Because you are a special girl for me. Because I care about you...”

I smile, he smile. Then he said

“This chair don't look really comfortable, if you want to, there is plant of room for you here in this bed…”

“No need for that Harry, I'm fine”

“Please, I insist”

So I lay in the bed next to him. His arms were around my shoulder, I put my head on his chest, he start cuddling up my felt great! I liked him, a lot, and I feel safe next to him, I wanted to kiss him, but he was my mom's boyfriend, I couldn't do that with her...Then I fall sleep and dream about Harry and I, together forever...

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