My mother hot boyfriend

My dad was the owner of a company really big and he was really rich.He always said that he really loved my mother.After sometime they got married and they have their first and only child,me.My mom is young and like to go out with her friends,so he was the one who took care of me.I was really close to him and I loved him.But my mom sometimes cheat on him and everyone knew it even my father.But he loved her so much that he pretended that nothing have happened.
One day my dad got really sick and he died.I was really sad.By that time I felt so lonely ‘cause my mother is never home,she always go out to parties and come back just on the other day.
Since my father’s death my mom start dating lots of boys,she always shows up with one almost every month or every week.They are always young-some have my age!- and good locking some of them have lived with us for a while.
But one day mom did something that I will never forgive her...what I did to deseerve a mom like her?


20. Love you

Cloe's pov

One month passed since Harry came to ask for help.

Now everything is just great!

After the kisses in the shower we start dating. I helped him find a place to stay. My mom didn't try to prohibit me dating Harry, I think she knows how much I love him.

Harry and I live together in our apartment. He came back to School and he also work at Starbucks...

I am so happy with him...everyday I wake up with Harry's arms around me, he give me a good-morning kiss and make the breakfast for me! He even clean the kitchen for me...he so sweet....

This night I came from School and Harry was waiting for me. The dinner room was all decorate as it was a chic restaurant, he was wearing a tux, so hot...,and he had a bouquet of red roses on his hands, my favorite one!

“You know what happened one month ago?”

“I think that was the day you forced me to take a shower with you”

“Forced ?So you didn't like it?” he asks teasing me

“I never said that I didn't like it...”

“Happy one month together bday!”

“You are unbelievable Harry”

“I love you!”

“I love you too”

We kiss and the rest of the night was perfect!

I've never thought that I could love someone, but Harry had made me change my mind...

I never thought that one day I would fall in love with my mom's hot boyfriend...



Hey everyone.First of all I want say thanks for everyone who read my fanfic!Thanks for the likes and comments too.

Second,I have a twiiter!So if you have too please follow me @lolammalik and follow me on tumbrl too

Last but not least,I've wrote another fanfic!It's called Coffesion of a crazy directioner.It's a Harry fanfic too.Please check it out.Just to make you curious here is a little part of my new fanfic:

So my name is Ann, I am a crazy directioner. My life is all about this 5 boys, some people call me crazy, and they are right....I stalk this boys all day, not really stalk them 'cause I never met then, but everytime I am on the internet I'm always seeing something about them.

I have a blog where I always post something about 1D:news,photos and fanfics...

But then my life change when I go to a shopping mall. This day One direction would be there to autograph the new cd, but everything change when someone hit me, it was an accident of course, on the head with the bathroom door...someone named Harry Styles...





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