My mother hot boyfriend

My dad was the owner of a company really big and he was really rich.He always said that he really loved my mother.After sometime they got married and they have their first and only child,me.My mom is young and like to go out with her friends,so he was the one who took care of me.I was really close to him and I loved him.But my mom sometimes cheat on him and everyone knew it even my father.But he loved her so much that he pretended that nothing have happened.
One day my dad got really sick and he died.I was really sad.By that time I felt so lonely ‘cause my mother is never home,she always go out to parties and come back just on the other day.
Since my father’s death my mom start dating lots of boys,she always shows up with one almost every month or every week.They are always young-some have my age!- and good locking some of them have lived with us for a while.
But one day mom did something that I will never forgive her...what I did to deseerve a mom like her?


11. How I could be so fool?

Cloe's pov

I wake up in the next morning felling great! I just like to have someone by my side who cares about me! It was so good! I open my eyes expecting to see Harry but then I noticed he wasn't there. Oh he might be in the bathroom, I thought. But for my surprise he wasn't there neither....where was he? I was so worried, I was about to leave my room to look for him when the door open and Harry appeared shirtless

“Where were you? I was worried”

“Oh sorry, your mother came here last night and ask me to sleep with her...”


All my dreams, fantasy and hopes were destroyed! I can't believe she stole him from me! I mean his not my exactly...but she doesn't have this right! And how could Harry do that with me...I thought he liked's almost like he had cheat on me...I hate him so much for make me think he liked me...and I hate myself so much for trust on him, for opened up with him, for being so fool!

“I had to get ready to go to School...”I said

“Ok see you later then...Oh do you want to hang out after school?”

“No...” I said and enter the closet. I get ready as soon as possible and leave the house.

In School it was normal, I was angry and didn't want to come back for home, lucky my grandparents were leaving on Sunday night so it was only more 4 days pretending to be Harry's girlfriend, good!

The bell rings, I leave the class and start walking to the street when someone call my name I turn and see Jerramy

“Hey Cloe”


“How are you?”

“Fine and you?”

“I'm you going to Lena's party tomorrow?”

“Uhm...don't know if I am in a mood for that...”

“Oh pleaaase go! I don't want to be alone there...”

“Don't know…”

“Please I would love to have your company at the party...unless you rather your boyfriend's company...”

“What? Oh Harry? He? he is not my..,no I don't ...”

I couldn't finished a sentence! Why? Maybe in the deep I didn't want to said that Harry wasn't my boyfriend....

“Just think about it ok? I got go...bye!”he said giving me a kiss on the cheek


As I turned to keep walking I saw Harry

“What is happening here?” he asked

How long was he there? Had he heard all the conversation? Omg!

“What are you doing here?” I ask

“I'll drive you home!”

“I said you didn't need to!”

“But I want to! Ok? Now What is happening?”


“Who was he?”

“Not of your business..”

“Yes it is...your did you forget that I am your....”

He paused as if he didn't knew What to say...

“You are nothing to me! Ok?”

“Why are you like this?”

“Why are you like this, Harry? You are not my babysitting ok?”

“I just want to know who he don't need to be rude to me, alright? After all you've been acting weird with me since this morning...Why?”

“I don’t know what are you talking about, I am not acting weird, but you are! Since when you ask me about my friends?”

“Oh is he Jerramy?”


I said and shut the car's door as Harry start driving home

“Why are you talking to him? Why he kissed you?”

“Why do you care? Tell me are! Are you jealous?”

He didn't answer...

“Oh great! You are jealous! So you can date my mom but I can't date anyone because I am your fake girlfriend! You are so idiot...”

“Don't play the are mad at me because I slept with Ashley the truth is that you are jealous too...”

This time I don't know how to answer him, maybe because he is right...we stay on silence until arrive home. In that night we sleep as far as we could.

Friday came and we haven't said a word to each other since yesterday

I go to School but I didn't see Jerramy...but I was really exciting for the party! The day pass quickly and at night I start getting ready for the party. I put a dark make up, red lips, a short and sexy black dress, and pink high heels.

I got down stairs and pass the tv room where everybody was

“Where are you going?” my grandpa asked

“To a party!”

“Great! But where is Harry?” he asked

“Oh he is the bedroom, he is not coming...he is not really in a mood for parties...”

“But my granddaughter is not going at this time alone to a party....” grandpa warned

Great! Now or I go to the party with Harry or I stay and screw up all my few chances with Jerramy....What am I going do?


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