My mother hot boyfriend

My dad was the owner of a company really big and he was really rich.He always said that he really loved my mother.After sometime they got married and they have their first and only child,me.My mom is young and like to go out with her friends,so he was the one who took care of me.I was really close to him and I loved him.But my mom sometimes cheat on him and everyone knew it even my father.But he loved her so much that he pretended that nothing have happened.
One day my dad got really sick and he died.I was really sad.By that time I felt so lonely ‘cause my mother is never home,she always go out to parties and come back just on the other day.
Since my father’s death my mom start dating lots of boys,she always shows up with one almost every month or every week.They are always young-some have my age!- and good locking some of them have lived with us for a while.
But one day mom did something that I will never forgive her...what I did to deseerve a mom like her?


6. Can't get any worse!

”Two weeks?”Mom and I ask

“Yeah two weeks! This is great, isn't?”said grandma

“Sure it is!”said Harry smiling

I took another sip of water and keep eating the dinner...There we were, sitting at the table having dinner as a normal family...

“Aren't you happy with this dear?”

“Sure I am grandpa...”

No I wasn't! Two weeks pretending that Harry is my boyfriend? No! I don't know if I can't deal with it...thanks mom!

We finished dinner and I said that I had a headache and get to my room.

But then when I get to my be, my door open and I saw Harry ..Great!

“Are you mad?”

“No…just tired...”

“'ve just came to an excuse to avoid the subject...”

“What subject Harry?”

“The fact that since the night at the pool you've been avoiding me...”

“No I'm not, ok? Now if u get out of my room I'll be really glad...”

“Sorry but I can't...I'm your boyfriend, I stay in your room...”

Shit! I've forgot about that..

“Ok so just pretend that I'm not here and stay quiet....”

“Sure honey! I'm going to take a shower”


I was so tired! I was half awake, half sleep when I noticed Harry had finished his bath and he was climbing in my bed...

“Whoa! what are you doing?!”

“Going to sleep...”

“In my bed?”

“Yes...there is plant of room in your bed...don't worry I don't move a lot...”

“You are not going to sleep in my bed!”

“Where you want me to sleep? on the floor?”

“Yes! This would be great!”

“Sorry but I'm not going to sleep on the floor...I'll stay in your comfortable bed…”

“I won't sleep with you by my side...”

“Hey I don't bite...but if you want to, the floor is all yours...”

This day is getting worse and worse...I decided to stay in my bed..

“Good night Harry”I said angrily

“Good night Cloe, want a goodnight kiss?”he said laughing

“No thanks, I'm fine...”

And after that I fall sleep...


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