Crimson Chains

Vampire Knight. This is the story of a girl, no ordinary girl. She starts out alone in the snow and where will she end up? Who knows. This story is full of vampires... And humans... The story of two. In this story there is no Yuuki Cross. Never came to be, but all the others are still here for your enjoyment. Kaname Kuran and Zero Kiryu. Both still here. But the new character. The name? Read to find out.


3. Take My Hand

Kaname. Yes he is a vampire, a good vampire. I would wait outside every night just for him. I couldn't wait to see him. He was my vampire. There was one night I waited outside in the winter, it was snowing it was late. Passed the normal time that he would usually show up. 

"Yumi, come inside, it passed your bed time" 
"But Kaname isn't here yet" I said as I pulled my knees to my chest, I was sitting in the cold white slow. 
"Yumi," the head-master came outside to me. I was only 7 at the time, I didn't know any better. He was only a few feet away from me when it happened... I fell on the ground. I couldn't breath. 
"YUMI!" Head-master brought me inside to my bed 
"no... I have to wait for Kaname...." But I couldn't get up, I was frozen. I laid in my bed freezing. "You have a fever Yumi, you should've come in when I told you to!" 
"But Kaname wasn't here..." I said those words with no energy. I was all out of energy. Finished. "K-Kaname....." 
and with those words I fell into a deep sleep.

I felt movement. I heard quiet footsteps. Someone was in my room. My fever still hasn't gone down, I was still in my bed. I slowly opened my eyes. The face I saw was the face I've wanted to see for so long.
"Kaname!" I tried to sit up but i couldn't. 
"Dont sit up Yumi..." He said quietly, he laid me back down and pushed the hair out of my face. "Sorry for waking you." 
"no... Thank you, I wanted to see you" I said with a small smile. He sat by my bed. He smiled down at me, it was a sad smile. "W-"
before I could say anything he laid his head on my forehead. He closed his eyes.
"Do you know how worried I was? I heard you came down with a bad fever because you were waiting outside for me..." His face was filled with such sadness... 
"I'm sorry Kaname..." He opened his eyes and gave me the smallest smile. He lifted his head off mine and kissed my forehead. 
"Thank you..." He whispered this so quietly I almost couldn't hear him. He stood up and prepared to leave "you should get some more rest."
He was almost to the door before I relied it. 
"Wait!" I got out of my bed and with the little strength I had left I ran to him. "Please, stay... I never see you... I want you to stay with me" I collapsed before I could reach him, my eyes filled with tears. His face was worried he ran to me and caressed my cheek. He sighed.
"I'll stay till you fall asleep" he picked me up and put me back on my bed. 
"But when I open my eyes, you'll be gone again..." I said with sadness in my voice. 
"Yumi..." He say down by my bed again and grabbed my hand. He brought it to his forehead. Then he kissed it. "I wish I could stay... But- no... Close your eyes and go back to sleep." 
I hesitated. I pulled his hand to my face so my head rested on it. 
"This way you won't be able to leave with out me knowing." His expression went from sad to even sadder. But he didn't do anything he just let me sleep on his hand.
Some how I knew he wasn't goings to stay long. Just until my eyes were closed and I was asleep enough for him to leave. But I'll miss him... I wish he could stay longer. 
"Yumi..." That's the last thing he said before I fell into another dreamless sleep.


~save me~


I kept running and running but I couldn't seem to catch up to the strange red blur. 

I ended up in the middle of town, but for some strange reason no one was a round. I sat on a bench next to the water fountain right in the middle of everything.
That's strange there's usually always someone around. what was I thinking? I need to head back, not chase after some re- 
All of a sudden that same strange red blur passed in front of my face bringing me out of my thoughts... I looked over where the red thing stopped. 
I was wrong... It was only a little boy with a red balloon. I was beginning to get paranoid. 
I sighed and watched the little boy. He let go of the balloon and it floated to the tree above him, he didn't seem to care though... I ran and jumped grabbing the string of the ballon and bringing it back down for the little boy. He took the balloon but didn't say anything. 
"Are you lost?" I asked bending down was a smile on my face. He looked up at me and suddenly his eyes grew. They looked... Hungry. "A-are you alr-"
The little boy started to laugh, an evil laugh. I stepped back feeling like this boy was no ordinary boy. I tried to run away but someone had grabbed me from behind and stopped me from moving. The boy came up to me slowly and opened his mouth wide, revealing sharp fangs. I screamed in terror trying to get out of the person behind me's grasp. 
"Let go!" I struggled to get out of their grasp but as I struggled they just tightened their grip. The little boy came closer and grabbed my hand. "No!" 
My voice cracked as I screamed. 
No one was coming. I was alone. Am I going to die?
I was going to open my mouth to scream for help but before I could someone put their hand over my mouth. My screams were muffled. The little boy grabbed my arm and stuck his fangs into my skin. All that could be heard was my scream. 

He was sucking my blood... A vampire... Kaname... Help me... 
I was frozen as the vampire kept sucking my blood but then finally he took his fangs out for a second and I was aware of what was happening. I screamed again and knocked the person holding me off. The hand let go of my mouth and I fell to the ground. I took this chance to run. I started to run away, I got farther and farther. I was holding my arm where he bit me as I kept running. 
Help someone help...
I kept running and running but I had no idea where I was going... I saw a long bridge that looked like it would go on for miles and miles. I looked behind me and saw none of the vampires. I ran to the bridge but stopped before I set foot on it. Slowly I put one foot on to test it. It looked old but it was steady. I walked slowly onto it and eventually I couldn't see the town behind me... Fog began cover my view. I was alone.
I have to get back to the Academy fast. 
I turned to look both ways but I couldn't tell the difference anymore. Everything looks the same. Which way did I come from? I grabbed into the railing and looked over the edge. I couldn't see the water below. The fog was growing more and more. I turned so my back was against the railing. 
Kaname... I need your help... 
I slid down so I was sitting on the ground. I looked at the bit mark on my arm. The blood was still trickling down. All of a sudden I heard heavy breathing coming from one side of the bridge. Across from me. Out from the fog emerged the child with the vampire who was holding me. I stood up fast trying to keep my distance from them, I didn't do very well since I was already up against the end of the bridge.
"Stay away!" I yelled trying to stay as calm as I could. They just kept coming. I closed my eyes and held my breath. They were still coming. I could feel them coming closer. I felt a cold hand touch my arm and I screamed. 
Im sure the scream could be heard for miles. 
I felt a gust of wind and the hand was removed from my arm. I opened my eyes; cautiously. At first everything was still a blur but soon everything started to clear up. 

I gasped. Kaname-sama was standing right in front of me. His arms out so the vampires couldn't continue there way towards me. 
"K-Kaname-sama..." I hesitated to say his name.  "Yo-you came..."
"Yumi," he turned to face me and just seeing those fanges made me step back as much as I could. Although I knew he was a good vampire, after what I had just been through I was reacting to instinct. His eyes had more sadness in them then I'd ever seen before. "I'm sorry you had to see that."
He stepped closely so he wouldn't frighten me more. I tried to stay calm and just stay there. I tried to smile, after all Kaname-sama had just come to rescue me. But for some reason my mouth wouldn't let me. It seemed wrong for some reason. 
"Yumi, close your eyes and take my hand" I wasn't sure if I should do as he said. i was nervous. His hand was outstretched waiting for me to take it, i looked behind him and the vampires were looking more and more hungry. "Trust Me" 
I was surprised at myself that it took me this long to just take his hand, I always trusted him... Always. I slowly lifted my hand at placed it in his, he hd my hand tightly "now, close your eyes"
I did as I was told. 
I felt him walk beside me then put his other hand over my eyes.
He then whispered in my ear, I think what he said was... "I'm sorry..." 
There was a strange pain in my whole body and I jolted for a second, I screamed at the top of my lungs, then all pain was gone. 

I fell into his arms and all feeling, all audio, all everything... Was gone. 

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