Crimson Chains

Vampire Knight. This is the story of a girl, no ordinary girl. She starts out alone in the snow and where will she end up? Who knows. This story is full of vampires... And humans... The story of two. In this story there is no Yuuki Cross. Never came to be, but all the others are still here for your enjoyment. Kaname Kuran and Zero Kiryu. Both still here. But the new character. The name? Read to find out.


2. More Plesent Times

"Kaname, it seems to me that this little one lost her memories.... or..." I laid in a ball on the bed I stayed in as they talked, not understanding what they were walking about. I haven't eaten anything since yesterday, the day Kaname brought me here. "Kaname she hasn't eaten anything... I fear she will starve herself." 
They both turned to me and I just stayed in the small ball on the bed. Kaname picked up a plate that was on the table waiting for me to eat what laid on the plate. I don't want to eat it though. Kaname sat me up... and bought a little piece of what ever was on the plate on a spoon close to my mouth.
"Now open wide... Ahhh" He opened his mouth wide waiting for me to do the same. I first stared at the food then something caught my attention. I looked in his mouth and saw something... something pointy... I went past the food on the spoon and lifted my hand to his mouth "what? what is..." I touched his long pointy tooth... Kaname... the one that saved me from a vampire... is a vampire himself... I moved back in fear. My eyes went wide and I covered my mouth so that I would stop the scream that would escape my lips. His eyes fell... they were even sadder then before. He looked hurt... But he also looked as though he knew this was going to happen. "I should go... I've scared her..."
"Kaname..." the Kaien Cross stood up to walk with Kaname to the door. "Where will you go?"
"That place..."
"But.... what will ha-"
"Take care of her... I promise I won't come back..." He smiled at me with such sadness in his smile and eyes then he turned to leave. I was still in so much shock... He... the one that saved me... Is a Vampire.




"Oh.... Goodness..." 
I sat in the bed still shocked by Kaname and It's been a week since then.... Kaname is a vampire.... My savior is a vampire... He saved me from a vampire.... I don't know how to understand that.... All of a sudden 


I whipped my head to my open door there standing there was Kaien Cross looking at the door. 
"Oh... Kaname, what made you come here so suddenly?" Kaien asked.
he walked over confused to the door. 
"What? Didn't you send for me? You said that someone captured her" Kanane said looking in the room. I hid under the covers. Kaname sighed. 
"Yumi..." Kaien said slowly. 
"That's her name!" Kaien said with excitement. He ran over to the bed I was laying in. "Yumi! Yumi! Yumi!"
"Yumi?... Beautiful..." Kaname smiled. I sat up in the bed but I saw Kaname smile and me once again I saw the fangs and I hid under the covers again. "Sorry... I'll be going. Goodbye, Yumi" 
he started to head out the door. 
I got out of the bed and walked to the door where Kaname was going to walk into the cold outside world.
" Kaname" I smiled. "Kaname! Kaname!"
he turned to face me. At first he was just shocked then there was such joy in his eyes... Not to the point where there was no more sadness but they were happier. 
"Kaname!" My small feet ran to him and hugged his leg. He bent down and put his hand on my cheek and caressed it. I smiled and he smiled back. Than he put his arms around me and hugged me, I hugged back. 
"Kaname!" I said his name with joy...
"Yumi..." He smiled as he said my name. 

Kaname isn't a bad vampire, he's a good vampire... He saved me, Kaname is a good vampire. 




"Miss Yumi, Yumi... YUMI!" My head jerked up as I heard my teachers voice calling out my name. 
"Y-yes?" I said preparing myself for the punishment I must receive for falling asleep in class.
"I realize you don't have much sleep but you and Zero really need to stay awake in class" he huffed "if keeping watch at night is in the way of your study and sleep I'm sure the head master-"
"no, I'm fine, I'm sorry it won't happen again" I said with a smile that wasn't too convincing.

It's true Zero and I don't get much sleep but no one else can take on the job that we have... And someone needs to keep watch every night... If not... Im afraid of what might happen. All of a sudden I bumped into someone as I turned the corner. 
"Oh, I'm so sorry, are you a-" my voice stopped as I looked apun the face of the smiling Kaname. "K-Kaname-Sa-"
"it's just Kaname, remember?" His head tilted as he smiled at me. 
"R-right.... I'm sorry for bumping into you," I bowed to show my respect and true apology 
"Yumi, there's no need for you to bow to me" he picked my chin up with his two fingers and smiled again... But the sadness never left his eyes... 
"Oh, uh thank you for last night, I uh..." I stumbled as I took a step back. 
"Theres no need to thank me" he said as he started to head past me. "I really would love to stay with you and talk but you have somewhere to go, I don't want to hold you up" 
I turned and watched as he walked away. I have somewhere to go? Oh! 
I headed to the head to the entrance of the school. 
"Yori!" I smiled as I saw Yori standing there waiting for me. 
"Great." She smiled "now we can head out"
"finally a day to just relax and talk with my best friend" I smiled back at her. There aren't very many days when we are aloud to just go outside of the school just the two of us because usually I have to stay to study for my tests before I have guard duty but today was Friday so I have two days to study. 

We made our way into town, I was silent the whole way. 
I wonder how Kaname-sama knew I was going out... Strange. 
"Yumi? Are you okay?" I was pulled from my thoughts as Yori stopped me from walking. 
"Hmm? What do you mean?" I asked smiling at her.
"I've been talking to you but you haven't been answering, is something on your mind?" Yori asking moving her hair behind her ear. "You know you can tell me if there is something wrong, but if you don't want too, I understand" 
"No, there's nothing wrong" I said taking Yori's hands and smiling at her again "I promise you if there was something wrong you would be the first person I would tell"
She sighed but didn't ask about it anymore. 
"Where are we headed anyway, Yumi?" She asked as we continued walking. 
"Oh... Uh... How about the coffee shop down the road?" I asked not looking over at her. She nodded. From then on it was pretty much silent between us. She didn't say anything to me, I didn't say anything to her, just silence. 

Finally we were heading back yet it was still silent between us, until I saw something flash from the corner of my eye, it looked red. I stopped in my tracks. 
"Yumi? What is it now?" Yori asked stopping a few feet ahead of me. 
"N-nothing, I just thought... Nevermind." I shook my head and looked back at her "I just remembered I have to go but something for the head master, I meet you back there okay?" 
I started running back towards the shops.
"Alright... Be safe." She replied waving then heading back to the academy. 
I looked back to see if she was gone. She was no where in sight. I stopped and headed where I saw what ever that flash of red was. It was my turn to figure things out, on my own. 

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