Crimson Chains

Vampire Knight. This is the story of a girl, no ordinary girl. She starts out alone in the snow and where will she end up? Who knows. This story is full of vampires... And humans... The story of two. In this story there is no Yuuki Cross. Never came to be, but all the others are still here for your enjoyment. Kaname Kuran and Zero Kiryu. Both still here. But the new character. The name? Read to find out.


4. Memories

He wasn't there when I woke up. He left me. Again. Just like all the other times... He always left before I woke up. I sat up in my bed and wiped my eyes. I swung my legs around so that they came off the edge of the bed. I coughed but stayed in my sitting position 'Kaname....' I then stood up and started to walk out of my room I opened the door and outside was a small box. I coughed again as I picked it up and moved it around in my hands. What could it be? Who was it from? Kaname? Head Master? I walked down the hallway with the box in my hands. 
"Head Master?" I coughed again but I didn't care all I cared about was the small box. 
The head master, my newly adapted father, was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. He poked his head outside the kitchen door and looked at me. 
"Oh Yumi! You shouldn't be up! You should get back in bed!" He ran over to me with a spatula in his hand. I coughed again but still just stared at the box.
"Who's this from?" I asked again.
"I'm not sure... It could possibly be from Kana-" 
"It was from Kaname." His voice was from out of no where. Zero. 
"Zero! Did you see him leave it last night?" I asked walking over to him. I coughed again and smiled at Zero. He didn't respond he just stared at me for a while. After a long silence he finally replied with a nod and turned away. 
I smiled and ran back to my room. It was from Kaname! He gave me something before he disappeared again. I opened the box and inside was a small necklace with a 'Y' carved into it. I smiled as I held the necklace in my hand. 'He didn't leave me completely alone' 


A sharp pain went through my arm as I moved. I opened my eyes and to my surprise I was in my old room, the one in headmasters house. What am I doing here? I sat up in the bed. Pain shot throughout my body but I dismissed it. There was a jacket on the chair that was beside my bed. I grabbed it and put it up to my nose to smell it. Kaname's smell... This is his jacket. I heard foot steps and I quickly put the jacket back on the chair and laid down. 
"I don't think she's awake yet but it should be soon." Kaname.
"I do hope she's alright. She seemed to be in a lot of pain when you brought her back" Headmaster...
"Don't worry, I'll be here for when she wakes up, she will be fine." 
I heard their foot steps as they walked away from my room. I rolled over on my bed to look at the door as it stayed open when they walked away. I got up out of the bed and walked over to the door. I looked down the hall and I just saw the last bit of Kaname's body as he turned the corner to enter another room. I sat back on my bed. 
Kaname saved me last night... He brought me here... I felt another shot of pain through my body but this time I wasn't able to push it aside. What happened to my body? What did Kaname do? 
I tried to keep the sound of pain from escaping my lips but I couldn't. It was louder than I had wanted it to be. 
I heard both Kaname and Headmaster get out of their chairs and push them across the floor as they ran down the hall to my room. My knees started to shake. I couldn't control my body. 
I turned to look at the doorway to my room and everything started to get blurry. I saw Kaname looking right at me with sadness in his eyes. I couldn't carry my weight. I felt so weak. I started to fall. 
"Yumi!" Kaname came running over to me. He grabbed me before I could hit the ground. A puff of air escaped my lips. "You shouldn't be up moving around yet Yumi..."
I started breathing deeply. Kaname picked me up and slowly put me on my bed. He pushed my bangs out of my face. 
"Rest" I could feel his warmth leaving.
I reached out trying to grab his hand like I did when I was younger. I stopped myself before I touched his hand. I missed my chance. Kaname walked out of the room again. I was left alone.


"How are you feeling, Yumi?" 
I finally got out of my bed a didn't feel overwhelmed with pain. I walked into the kitchen where headmaster was cooking something. It was now dark outside. 

"Fine." I stared out the window into the darkness. "How long have I been asleep?"
"Quite a while," Headmaster replied. He pulled out a chair that was next to the small table "Why don't you sit?" 
I looked at the chair for a little while before I finally walked over to it and sat down. 

Headmaster went back to what ever he was cooking. Kaname wasn't around. 
"Where's Kaname-sama?" I asked hesitantly 
"Night class"  Of course, that makes sense. I forgot about school... "He said he'd be back as soon as he was finished" 
I took in a deep breathe and looked at the clock that was in the kitchen. 
"It's late, what are you cooking?" I asked as I got up and walked over to my adopted father. 
"I thought you might be hungry since you've been asleep all day"
He's right. I never thought of being hungry but he's right, now that my mind is on food I'm very hungry.
"Thank you" I said with a smile. 
"Go ahead and sit at the table and I'll bring it over to you when it's done" I nodded and went back to the table.


"It's snowing..." I stared out the window and watched the snow flakes fall down and create a white blanket. 
"It is, isn't it?" headmaster came over and sat next to me on the window seat that was in his sitting room. 
I almost forgot about how beautiful the snow really is. It's white purity always looked so beautiful and clean. As if nothing could stain it. 

But at the same time, I can remember the red blood spreading across the white blanket on that night when vampires entered my life. I could feel myself holding my breathe as I remember that night. I was no longer thinking of it's beauty but of it's ability to be stained by blood. It wasn't pure when red dirtied it. 

"Yumi?" I was snapped out of my memories of that night with headmasters voice. He was looking at me with his hand resting on my shoulder. "Are you alright? Perhaps you should go back to your room and rest? It's gotten very late" 
I didn't answer him at first. What about Kaname-sama? Was all I could think. He still hasn't returned. 
"I think I'm going to wait a little longer... if that's alright" I said as I looked outside once more. 
Headmaster tilted his head as he thought. 
"Not too much longer, Yumi" He said standing up "We don't want you to become sick" 
He kissed my head and walked off to his room. My mind went back to the night that Kaname saved me... Back then I had no idea what would come from that night. In a way I don't completely hate that night... for if it wasn't for that night... I would've never met Kaname-sama. 

A snow flake fell and hit the window. I put my hand against the window and felt the cold from the outside. The snow is also a good reminder. It reminds me of the days and night's Kaname would come and visit me here. I rested my head against the glass. The night's I would stand outside and wait for Kaname to return. My birthday's he come here and give me special gifts. 

It grew later and later. Kaname still hadn't returned. I felt a small pain enter my arm where the vampire had sunk his fangs. I was still sitting at the window seat. The snow continued to fall. 
"I should go back to bed..." I breathed deep and I turned away from the window and started to walk back to my room. My room was dark. This place only reminds me of the times when Kaname would lie to me... He'd tell me that he'd stay with me and then I'd wake up and he'd be gone. My hand automatically reached for the necklace around my neck. The present from Kaname. 

The pain started in my arm and spread across my body. I grabbed my shirt and began to breathe deeply. What's going on? I don't understand... I grabbed a hold of my door frame. 




No one...


I am alone... 

On my one

I never had anyone, everyone left me, they always will leave me. I will never have anyone. Everyone hates me. It's my fault.


Tears began to form in my eyes. What am I seeing? 
I was covered in someone elses blood. They were slowly losing the life in their eyes. 
"I'm sorry!" I couldn't stop my tears. I screamed at the top of my lungs. "I'M SORRY!" 

I fell to the floor covering my face with my hands. The tears wouldn't stop and I couldn't control my body. 
"I'm s-sorry... s-so sorry... it's my fault... all my fault" 

"I couldn't stop myself! I'm sorry" I wrapped my arms around myself and continued to cry. Blood surrounded me now. On every wall. My hands were stained with blood. The body lay right in front of me. 
"YUMI!" A hand was on my shoulder and I pulled away in fear. It started to become hard to breathe. My face was completely soaked with my tears... Who ever it was who put their hand on my shoulder left and I fell over on the floor continuing to cry. I covered my eyes. I didn't want to see the blood anymore. 

Nothing will remain...
I will always be to blame
I will be punished

"Yumi..." It was a soft voice. I couldn't see who's face the voice belonged to, I still covered my eyes. They went behind me and put their hand on my hands. "Please look at me?" 
I was frightened? Of what? Of who? 
I didn't remove my hands. They moved their hands and picked me up. I could feel my bed underneath me. I was still breathing hard. I felt the warmth of someone elses body. They were laying next to me. Calming me with their hand on my head. 

I felt the sensation of a kissed on my forehead and I began to feel the heat leaving. 
"Wait..." I removed my hands to stop them from leaving. 

I found myself still on my floor. No blood. The door still open. No one had come in and no one had left my room. I was alone all this time.

No one was here . . . What did I see . . . ? 
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