Crimson Chains

Vampire Knight. This is the story of a girl, no ordinary girl. She starts out alone in the snow and where will she end up? Who knows. This story is full of vampires... And humans... The story of two. In this story there is no Yuuki Cross. Never came to be, but all the others are still here for your enjoyment. Kaname Kuran and Zero Kiryu. Both still here. But the new character. The name? Read to find out.


1. A Bloody Beginning

My body was cold from the frozen air and the snow all around me. My bare feet can't take me much farther. I'm numb... I need warmth. The wind blew again and again... The snow fell... And finally I gave up. I hit the ground knees first and began to breath heavily. 

"I-I-I-I'm s-s-s-so c-co-co-cold...."  When I breathed out the heat from my breath showed in the frozen air. I have no jacket and no shoes... The only thing I had were my shirt and pants. My hair was wet and my body began to soak up the snow beneath me making me colder then before. My hairs started to go blurry. I looked behind me and saw foot steps... My foot steps. I came a long way from the bridge I was first standing on... Now I was on my knees freezing. 

"I-I w-w-won't ma-make I-I-it" I whispered to myself.     




I looked ahead of my and saw two men. One had a gun pointed at me. 

"You- you-!" The man with the gun yelled at me. They were only a few feet away. What's going on?

"She's just a young girl!" The yelled at him stepping in front of me. 

"She must die!!" Why? 



The shot went past the man and hit my arm slightly. I screamed out in pain... Blood began to trickle down my arm. 

"Stop this!"


"No! I won't let you do th-" and before he could finish... The man with the gun... Shot and killed him. His body fell to the snow covered ground... The snow under him became a crimson color. 

"Now... You you- DIE!" He lifted the gun to shoot at me again. What's going on? Why is he coming after me? I closed my eyes and...


I waited for the bullet to pierce my body but the impact never came. I opened my eyes slowly and saw the man standing there with wide eyes and his gun by his side... What? What does he see? In a blink of an eye there was another person by his side. He brought the gun to shoot this person but it was to late.... This person.... His hands... His nails... They grew and he killed the man... His blood went everywhere... I was still on my knees waiting for this horrible scene before me to be over. The man hit the ground and lay there motionless. I looked up to the other man and he looked at me with crimson colored eyes...  

"Finally... I have you all to myself" he licked his lips then opened his mouth wide... He had long fangs... He was a vampire. He jerked towards me and I screamed falling on my back trying to get away from him. He laughed and the terror in my eyes. He grabbed my arm and lifted me in the air, preparing to bite my neck... But he never did. He dropped me and I hit the ground with a loud cry of pain. The man fell to the ground now. I looked up and saw someone... 

"I'm sorry you had to go through that." It was a boy... Not a small boy... But not a man... He had brown hair and deep Hazel eyes... those Hazel eyes.... they looked so sad... and lonely. "Are you okay?" 

He knelt down in front of me and held out his hands. I didn't take his hand... It was stained with blood. I scooted back little by little. 

"Your arm... Let me see" he was going to touch my arm that had been shot but I moved out of the way. "I won't hurt you..." 

He smiled slightly. I'm alone... And cold... He held out his hand again and this time I took it. He helped me stand but I fell once again. He took his jacket off and put it on my shoulders then he picked me up and carried me. I wasn't sure where he was taking me but I wasn't cold... He had given me warmth. He wasn't a bad person. He was here to help me.  


*Knock* *Knock* 


"Ah! Your here... Who might this be?" We had come to a strange house and the boy with brown hair was still carrying me. 

"I'll explain everything later... But I need to look at her arm she's been shot and she's freezing."  I felt myself start to fall asleep in his arms... I'm so tired and cold... But at the same time I'm not cold... His jacket was warming me up. 

"Of course! Come in come in." The man welcomed us in.  He set me down on a couch and took the jacket off of my body. I shuddered from the cold. 

"I'm sorry..." He brushed a few pieces of hair out of my face and sat on the edge of the couch looking at my arm. He stood up and the man came into the room with a blue dress for me to change into. The man helped me change into the dress while the boy walked out of the room. When the man finished putting the dress on my he put a blanket over me when I laid back down on the couch, then the boy walked back into the room.

"Kaname... how is she?" 

"I-" I couldn't stay awake much longer... He noticed, he smiled at my trying to stay awake. He kissed my four head and whispered in my ear.  "You can fall asleep... We won't hurt you." Then my eyes fell and I was asleep.      




"Excuse me... Excuse me... Ple-" Just then someone bumped into me and I fell to the hard rock rode. "Ouch..."

"Watch where your going" I stuck my tongue out at the person who bumped into me. They didn't notice they just kept walking. I got up and most of the people had cleared out of way. Why was it such a hard day to get to the store? Finally I got to the small shop in the middle of town and grabbed the few things I would need. 

"Oh, hello again" said the small old man behind the cash register in the shop. 

"Hello" I smiled  I bought the few things and headed back to the school I was attending. Cross Academy.   

"Ah! Your back!" I was greeted at the door of the office that Kaien Cross, the one who took me in... The one that I was brought to so many years ago... Was working in. He is the headmaster is Cross Academy, and he's also my father. He adopted me after I was brought to him by... Kaname. Kaname.... Kaname Kuran. He is the one that brought me to Headmaster Cross.... He is the one that saved my life... It's been 8 years since then and it's my second year of high school. Crazy how time flies.... But I will never forget that day no matter how many years go bye.   


In this school, Cross Academy, there's a Day Class and a Night Class. Not like a day class for the normal working students and a night class for higher students but... Day class for Human students... And Night class for Vampires. Yes. There are vampires in this school. I'm one if the only ones who knows. None if the day class besides myself and Zero Kiryu know that they are Vampires. And that's how it will stay.    I set the things down on Headmaster's desk and headed for the door. 

"Well I guess it's time to get ready for 'guard' duty" I said opening the door and looking back at Headmaster. "Goodnight Headmaster, I hope you sleep well"

 I smiled and closed my eyes then headed out the door. Just then I bumped into someone. 

"Oh, uh... Sorry-" I looked up and saw Kaname... "Oh.... Kaname-Sama... I uh-" I bowed and started to apologize "Kaname-Sama, I'm so-"

"It's quiet Alright" he smiled. His voice was so gentle and warm... "You don't need to bow to me, don't you remember how you used to greet me?" 

"I uh-" I felt a blush creep up to my cheeks "sorry" I walked past Kaname and started to head to the dorms. 

"Ah, Kaname glad you could make it" I could only hear that much before I was out if the hall way and down the stairs.    I wonder why it became so hard for me to be around Kaname... Maybe it's because of the school? But no ones around... I just don't understand myself... He's right... I used to greet him much differently... I used to give him hugs when ever I saw him... But I guess when time changes you, you can't help but act differently towards others. And for me especially towards Kaname...   


I walked back to the girls dorms and went into the room Yori and I stay in. Yori is my best friend. The one that's always been there... Well... She's not the only one that's always been there but ever since- oh never mind... No need to get all into details about how I met her. She's just my best friend. I opened the door and she was sitting on her bed.

"Oh, Yumi, your back." She said smiling at me. 

"Yeah, I'm heading out soon though" I said sitting on my bed. 

"You hardly get any sleep, maybe you should let Zero take this one on his own." Yori suggested.

"No, I can't do that. It's my duty." I said grabbing my things and heading back to the door. "You get some sleep though Yori, goodnight" 

"Goodnight Yumi"  I shut the door as I walked out and headed back outside.   


Time to patrol.   But First, I have to find Zero. 

I walked all around looking for Zero but I couldn't find him... Oh well guess I'll work with out him tonight. He's probably sleeping... Lazy Zero. 



    I walked all around the school grounds waiting for one girl come out to try and take pictures of the Night class, well they won't get past me. I stopped on a balcony right outside of the room Kaname-Sama works in... It was one floor below it. I looked up and saw him by the window reading something. I sat on the rail connected to the balcony, just staring at Kaname... I know I can't like him... He's a vampire and I'm a Human... we're too different. I understand that and I realize that I will never be good enough for Kaname-Sama... 
"So are you gonna keep staring at Kaname all night or check and see if girls are actually sneaking in?" I jumped... It's Zero. 
"Where were you when I was looking for you?" I questioned Zero. He looked over at me and I stared back at him. He looked up for a second to the floor Kaname was in then turned away.
"That's none of your concern..." He turned to walk away.
"But Zero!" He just kept walking. "It is my concern...."
He didn't turn and look at me from then on... he just kept walking... not looking back. I sighed and placed my elbows on the railing.
"Anything wrong, Yumi?" I turned to see who it was
"Oh, K-Kaname-Sama... I uh.."
"Why do you call me that?" He questioned as he walked over to me.
"Call you what?" I asked as I turned my body facing him completely.
"Kaname-Sama, why not just Kaname?" His eyes... they still looked as lonely and sad as they did on that first day... I wonder why...
"I uh... I don't know..." 
"Why don't you call me just Kaname?" 
My heart's pounding so hard... I hope he doesn't hear it... I felt another blush start to invade my face again. Just then I heard something moving in the bushes. 
"Who's there!?" I yelled 
"We're no one!" Who yells that? What the heck? I jumped off the balcony leaving Kaname there going to see who was out there. Of course it was some stupid Day Class student. 
"What you two doing out here? You need to go back inside your dorms" 
"Why? We're just here to take pictures of the night class." 
"No you-"
"Yumi, let me take care of this." Kaname said coming from the shadows. 
"Yumi, lets go, let Kaname take car of this" Zero... He was back. 
"Zero..." He took my hand and started dragging me away. 
"Wait! Kana- What are you doing Zero!?" 
"Let him take care of the mess" Zero said not looking back me.
"No, Yori told me. Go to sleep." He dragged me to the girls dorms and opened the door waiting for me to go inside. I was going to protest but there was no way to get him to let me stay out. 
"Fine." I pushed past him and walked up to the dorm room. 
I shut the door and looked at Yori. Yori... Why do you care so much about my sleep? Care for yourself... Not me. 
I changed into my night clothes and laid in bed. 
Why did Kaname come to help? 

Oh well... I'll leave this till morning... I do need my sleep... It's true... So... Thank you Yori, Zero... And Kaname-Sama. 


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