Life With Him

Lyndsey Horan (yes Niall Horan's sister) has had a crush on Harry Styles ever since she was in the hospital from abuse from her boyfriend. What she doesn't know is that Harry likes her too. Will Niall let them date? Will he trust Harry? Read and find out.


6. Paris


Lyndsey's P.O.V


I wake up to what I am guessing is a hospital. The nurse comes in the room and checks on me, asking, "There are five boys that want to come see you. Is that okay?"I shake my head and she leaves. She came back, being followed by five crying boys. I moved over on my bed so one of them can sit with me, only because there are only 4 seats in there. Niall sits next to me on my bed and the others sit in chairs. I begin crying just seeing them cry. "Don't cry," Niall says as he hugs me. I stay in his arms as he and the boys begin singing to me. I fall asleep in my brothers arms like it was Harry. I can feel Niall get up but someone take his place. He layed in Nialls place and pulls me into his chest. It was Harry. I heard footsteps leave and something wet fall on top of my head. I open my eyes to see a crying Harry. "Why are you crying?" I ask weakly. "I should have gone instead of you, " he says, "I can't stand to see you this hurt. I can't stand to see the scratches on your face. Plus your busted up arm." He was officially crying like crazy right now. "Harry, stop saying that. I love you and I am still here. That is all that matters." I layed back on his chest and he sang, but stumbling at verses because of his tears. I fell asleep and sooner or later he did too because his head was on mine when the songs ended. I woke up in what I am guessing the afternoon because the boys and Holly were- wait what! Holly is here! "Holly is that you?" "Yeah its me. I was fine so they let me go." Harry was still next to me. We talked for a while but I fell asleep. I wake up the next morning alone. Harry wasn't here and neither was anyone else. Did I forget something that they knew? The doctor came in to my room and said that I can leave and that the boys and Holly were waiting outside. I got dressed and went outside for theboys. They ran up to me and hugged me. Holly did the same but longer. We drove home and and watched movies.  The boys and Holly were acting wierd the whole time. I couldn't handle it. "What is up with y'all?" I asked calmly. "Nothing. Why?" Liam asked. "Nothing." I said as I went to my room and climbed into my bed. I fell asleep instantley. I woke up and went downstairs. All I saw were fully dressed boys. Also was Holly "What's going on?" They all smiled and said, "Happy Birthday Lyndsey!" They all screamed. Oh yeah, it was my birthday. "Thanks guys." I said as I went and gave them all a hug. "Ready?" Niall asked me. "For what exactly?" I asked. They shrugged and Harry picked me up and carried me to the car. They put some bags in the car and Louis drove us off. They blindfolded me until we got there so I had no clue where we were going. The car came to a stop and Harry helped me out of the car. We walked in and they sat me down. They unblind folded me and I was at a airport. "Suprise!" Niall said. I was shocked. I kept on trying to find something somewhere that said where we were going. We got on the plane and we got seated. The announcer says, "Hello, this is your flight to Paris. Enjoy our 7 hour flight." Paris! Really!

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