Life With Him

Lyndsey Horan (yes Niall Horan's sister) has had a crush on Harry Styles ever since she was in the hospital from abuse from her boyfriend. What she doesn't know is that Harry likes her too. Will Niall let them date? Will he trust Harry? Read and find out.


5. Not Back Yet

Lyndsey's P.O.V


The movie was really good. Although, Louis fell asleep during it. Liam woke him up and we walked to the car.Niall dorve us home and we all went straight to bed. I changed and then fell asleep. I woke up at 1 in the morning. I just can't stop having nightmares Jakob. I get up and walk across the hall to Niall's room. I lightly knock on his door. He opens the door and rubs his eyes. He see's that I am crying and pulls me into a hug. I cry into his chest as he picks me up and carries me back to my bed. He leaves and comes back, but with Harry. He lays down next to me and pulls me into his chest, wrapping his arms around me. Niall leaves and Harry begins to hum one of my favorite songs, "Daylight" by Maroon 5. I fall asleep as he rubs circles in my back. I wake up at 2 in the afternoon with Harry not next to me. I get up and walk to his bedroom. I open the door and sit on his bed. He is laying there with his phone in his hands, playing Temple Run 2. "Thanks," I say as I lean down and kiss his cheek. "What for?" "Last night. I love you." I walk out if his room and go downstairs. I go to the kitchen and Niall standing by the fridge. I hug him and say, "Thanks." I start to walk to my bedroom but the doorbell rings. "I'll get it!" I yell as I go towards the door. It was my best friend Holly. "Oh my gosh Holly! What are you doing here?" I ask her, pulling her into a hug. "Niall called me, saying that he wants me to move in?" I turn around and Niall is standing there, smiling. "Suprise." he says as he hugs me. We let go and I help Holly with her things. There is an empty room next to mine so we set up her things there. We made her bed and put her clothes in her dresser and closet. We sit on her bed and I say, "Harry and I are dating." She smiles and says, "That is so cool. Y'all make a cute couple." I smile. She has a crush on Niall. We go into my room and I get dressed. We decide that we would get frozen yogurt. I walk into Harry's room and Louis and Liam were in there playing FIFA. I speak up and say, "We are going to get frozen yogurt. Wanna come?"  They all say yes and get dressed. We went downstairs to Zayn and Niall and asked if they wanted to come too. They also said yes and went to get dressed. They all came downstairs at the same time and they raced to the cars. Harry, Holly, Niall and I were in one car while Liam, Zayn, and Louis were in the other. We drove to the shop and went inside. We got little sample cups and tried some flavors.All of a sudden Harry comes behind me and smears frozen yogurt all over my face. "Harry!" I yell. All of the boys are laughing at me, incuding Holly. I wipe off my face and wash my hands. We make our yogurt and eat and leave. We decided to watch movies and have a lazy day. Holly and I get blankets and pillows. We throw them at the boys and put in a movie. I cuddle up next to Harry and Holly sits next to me. Harry wrapped of his arms around my shoulders and I lean my head on his chest. We watch about 3 movies before everyone falls asleep.




I am so glad that Niall got Holly to come live with us. She is a great friend of Lyndsey's. Only Niall, Liam and I are awake, so we stay quiet. Niall has told me before that he has a crush on Holly but he won't ask her out. Sooner or later everyone else wakes up except for Lyndey and Holly. "Niall you need to ask her out." Louis says, quietly. " I know." he responds. At about 2 the girls wake up. It is pouring rain outside, but we all want food. "Holly and I will go get McDonalds." Lyndsey says. "No. It is raining and you could wreck." I say. "Harry we will be fine." Lyndsey says to me as she kisses me on the lips. They get up and leave. I hope they will be safe.


Lyndsey's P.O.V


We are on our way to McDonalds to get food for all of us. I stop and a red light and begin to talk to Holly. The light turns green and I drive. Someone on the other side didn't and crashed right into us, on my side.I blacked out. "I'm sorry Haz." I thought to myself.


Harry's P.O.V


The girls aren't back yet. I am officially freaking out. I go up to Niall and say, "Have you heard from them?" I think he was freaking out too. He shook his head and we all go to the car. We start to drive around until we get stopped in traffic. We get closer up and it was because of a car accident. I run out of the car. The boys are yelling for me but I ignore them. I run up to as close as I can get and it was Holly and Lyndsey. I run back to the boys, but crying like crazy. I get back in the car and they saw me crying. "Is it?" Zayn asked me. I shook my head yes and we all cried. We all got out of the car and walked up there. We explained to the police that we were family to the girls and they let us through. Niall and I ran up to Lyndsey. She was on a gurney. Holly was too. We all cried like we were babies that got candy taken away from us. The ambulance explained what happened and they drove away to the hospital. We ran back to our car except Louis wouldn't let Niall or I drive so we had to sit in the back with Liam while Louis and Zayn were up front. We went to the hospital and ran inside. They said that they were in surgery and we had to wait for them to come out in order to see them. I just hope that they are okay.

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