Life With Him

Lyndsey Horan (yes Niall Horan's sister) has had a crush on Harry Styles ever since she was in the hospital from abuse from her boyfriend. What she doesn't know is that Harry likes her too. Will Niall let them date? Will he trust Harry? Read and find out.


7. Leaving

Harry's P.O.V


Lndsey was so excited that we were going to Paris. I mean she is turning 19. We wanted to do something special. The plane landed and we got off and went straight to baggage claim. We found our bags and got a taxi. It was like a van taxi, so we all fit. We piled in and the driver said it will be about an hour until we got to the hotel. We all nodded and Lyndsey plugged her headphones in and layed her head on my shoulder. She fell asleep to that really loud music that I could probably never stand. We arrived at the hotel and Lyndsey was still asleep. "I will get her bag and you just get her," Holly whispered. I nodded and and got up. I got out of the car and leaned back in and picked up Lyndsey. The lads went inside and got our keys, so I didn't have to wait for our key while holding her. Louis handed me the key and I went to the elevator. It stopped at our floor and I walked out. I walked to the correct door and unlocked it. I went to the bedroom area and layed her down on the be. I quickly changed into a shirt and some sweatpants and went to wake Lyndsey up, to take her medicine for her surgery. "Lyndsey, babe, get up. You have medicine to take." I shook her gently because of that reason. She groans and says, "Do I have too?" I laugh and say, "Yes you do." She sits up and I go get it. I walk back in with her medicine and a bottle of water, to help her swallow the pill. I hand her both items and she takes the pill. "Wanna change?" I ask her. She nods and gets up to change. I lay in bed and lay there. "Don't stare," she says. I laugh and say, "Why not?" "We aren't that far into the realtionship yet," she states. "Or are we?" I ask. She smiles and just gets dressed, me watching. She lays back down and cuddles up close to me. She closes her eyes and fall asleep. I fall asleep too.


Lyndsey's P.O.V


I wake up to the boys singing the same song they sang to me on my birthday. I smile and get dressed. We went driving around all day. We even went to the Eifil Tower. We finally went back to our hotel and I get in the shower. Tonight we are going to watch movies. The boys and Holly were over and Harry was putting in a movie. I sit next to him, laying my head against his shoulder. He wraps an arm around me and kisses my forehead. I begin to watch the movie, but fall asleep to Louis' snoring. Today is the day that we leave Paris. Even though it was short, I had tons of fun. We are now are on our way to the airport. Louis pulls in the airport parking lot and we walk out of the car. We go into the airport and go to the right gate area. Sooner or later the announcer says we can aboard the plane. We sit in our correct seats and the plane leaves. We are now leaving Paris.

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