Life With Him

Lyndsey Horan (yes Niall Horan's sister) has had a crush on Harry Styles ever since she was in the hospital from abuse from her boyfriend. What she doesn't know is that Harry likes her too. Will Niall let them date? Will he trust Harry? Read and find out.


2. Kidnapped

 Harry's P.O.V


Poor Lyndsey. She sick and asleep on my chest. I am so happy she agreed to be my girlfriend. I hear my phone vibrate so I get up and go downstairs to answer it. That is where the boys are now so if it is management they probably need to hear it. I close her door and run down the staircase, answering my phone.



"I will get her, you know."

"Who is this?"

"You and your friends can't protect her forever."

"Jakob? You will stay away from her. You have to go through me and the boys. And by the way she is breaking up with you."

"Like I said before, I can't promise anything."

He hangs up. Tears begin to stream down my face as I run into the living room where the boys are playing FIFA. They look over at me and pause the game. "Mate, what's wrong?" Zayn asks. "Niall. He called. He is after her. Jakob is after Lyndsey like he said would be." At this point he was crying too. Louis got up and gave me a hug while Liam and Zayn were comforting Niall. Niall stood up and went to Lyndsey's bedroom. I followed him and so did the boys. We all walked in and she wasn't there. I walked into her bathroom and she wasn't there either. I looked back at Niall and shook my head no. We look over at her windows and they were open. I ran over to them and stuck my head out them. I see a truck drive by, like it came out of the driveway. I pick up the note and read it aloud. It read, "I told you I can't promise anything. You can't stop me now. Try to come find me, I dare you. - Who do you think I am?" I toss the note back down on the bed and look up to all of the boys crying, including me. "No- No I promised her nothing would happen. We- we have to find her. Now!" Niall shouts while crying. I walk over to him and say, "We are going to find her." He calms down and we go driving around until we figure out a place to where he might have taken her. Nall was driving so basiclly we went where he went. He came to a complete stop and said, "His storage building. She went to a party there before he started to abuse her." He then took us there and we got out of the car. As we started getting closer to the door we heard a scream, Lyndsey's scream. Then we heard a gun shot. I couldn't handle it. Niall and I ran to the door and busted it down. Lyndsey was shot in the leg and was tied up. "Lyndsey!" we both screamed at the same time. "I told you I couldn't promise anything. I am suprised you thought of here. You know, because you are stupid."I ran over to him and punched him straight into the jaw. Niall came over and said, "Get her out of that rope. The lads and I got this." He motion the others over and they came. I ran over to her and she was unconscious. I untied the knots easily. I looked over at the boys, tears filling my eyes. Liam was calling the police while the others were beating up Jakob. Louis was on the floor, crying in pain. I picked up Lyndsey and held her in my arms as I cried. The ambulance and police finally arrived and took Jakob to jail. They took Lyndsey from me and put her in the truck. We all got in the car and I asked Louis, "What's wrong with you?" "Jakob kicked me in the nuts. Man, that hurt." We laughed a little but we got back on the subject of Lyndsey. We arrived at the hospital and we rushed in. The lady told us she was in surgery so we had to wait in the waiting room. A doctor came out and said, "Are y'all here for Lyndsey Horan?" We all nodded our heads and he told us to follow him. We did as he said until he stopped in Lyndsey's room. We walked in and sat down in the chairs. Lyndsey was still sleeping so we stayed quiet. She woke up and was crying in pain. It was because of her leg. She looked over at us and cried even more. "Don't cry, please?" Niall asked. She stopped and looked over at us. "Did any of you know if he was coming?" she asked. "Lyndsey, I got up from your bed because my phone rang. I answered it and it was him. I was torn up and so was Niall. We ran up to your bedroom and you were gone. He left a note and we knew who it was." We were all crying right about now. About three hours later Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall left to get showers. Lyndsey said just to stay there, that I will be with her. They agreed and she shifted over on the hospital bed. She patted beside her and said, "Please? I want you to sing to me." Even though we had only been dating for maybe two days, I knew I was in love with this beautiful girl. I climbed in beside her and I sang "Little Things" to her. She fell asleep on my chest. I layed my head on hers and fell asleep myself

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