Life With Him

Lyndsey Horan (yes Niall Horan's sister) has had a crush on Harry Styles ever since she was in the hospital from abuse from her boyfriend. What she doesn't know is that Harry likes her too. Will Niall let them date? Will he trust Harry? Read and find out.


4. I Love You

Lyndsey's P.O.V


I wake up the next moring in pain so I just stay in bed because I am too lazy to get up. I hear a knock on my door so I yell, "Come in!" The door opens and it was Niall. "The lads and I have to g to the recoring studio for a while, you okay here?" "Yes Niall. I am fine." "Okay. Call me if something happens. Love you." " Okay and Love you too." He closes the door and I scroll through Tumblr and Twitter. I attempt to get up so I can go to the bathroom. The doctor said I can take showers but I have to be careful with my leg. I carefully take off my brace and get undressed so I can get in the shower. I carefully get in and out, putting on some black sweatpants and a grey t-shirt. I put my brace back on and go downstairs. I go straight to the kitchen because I am starving. I get some ice cream and go to my little room that nobody knows that is there. I sit on the couch and turn on a movie. I finish the ice cream and throw away the coantanier it was in. I lay back down on the couch and go to sleep. I wake up to screaming. I open my eyes and acuatlly listen. Someone is screaming "Lyndsey! Where are you?" It sounded like it was Harry or Niall. I get up and walk out of the room. "What?" I scream back. I heard 5 sets of footsteps run down the stairs. I look towards them and see all five boys run down the stairs. They all sigh in relief. "Were y'all freaking out or something?" I ask them. "Uh yeah. We couldn't find you." Louis says. I roll my eyes and go give them each a hug. "Don't worry about me." I go up to Harry and give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I think he was freaking out the most. We all went into the living room and watch movies and eat junk food. I went up stairs to charge my phone when I fall asleep on my bed. I hope the boys won't freak out like last time.


Harry's P.O.V


Lyndsey sure has been gone for a long time. Louis crashed on the couch so the boys are drawing on his face and taking pictures and tweeting them on twitter. I go upstairs and look in Lyndsey's room. She fell asleep and looked really cold. I go in and cover her up and kiss her forehead. I walk out and shut the door behind me, finding the boys standing there. "What are y'all doing?" I ask them. "Oh, you know, taking pictures of you kissing Lyndsey. Nothing really." Liam replies. I roll my eyes and snatch his phone from him. I look through them and delete the bad ones but I found a really good one. I sent it to me then deleted it. "Here you go." I say handing it back to him and walking to my room. I look at my phone and see the picture was already sent to my phone. I save it and make it my lock screen. I lay in bed and go to sleep. I woke up and it was 2 in the morning. I sigh but I start to hear cries coming from down the hall. I get up and walk down it until I hear it perfectly. It was Lyndsey. I crack open the door and she is still asleep. I walk over to her and say, "Lyndsey. Lyndsey, wake up love." until she decides to wake up. "What Harry?" she questions me. "Babe, you were crying in your sleep. I heard it from my room. Having a nightmare?" "Yeah and my leg has pain every once in a while. Sorry I didn't mean to wake you up." "Its alright. Just go back to sleep." I kiss her and she closes her eyes, falling asleep again. I walk out an close the door. I go back to my room and lay in bed. I fall back asleep once my head hit the pillow. I wake up and go downstairs. Only Niall and Liam are down here. "Are Zayn, Louis, and Lyndsey still asleep?" I ask them. They nod their heads and continue to play the WII. I sit down and watch them play until Zayn comes down. He sits next to me and watches also. It was about noon and Louis and Lyndsey are still asleep. Niall goes upstairs to make sure Lyndsey is okay. He comes down and says, "I can't believe she can sleep this late but, there are some tear stains on her pillow." I remember last night and I say, "Oh yeah. I woke up to hear crying so I walk down the hall until I find Lyndsey crying in her sleep. I wake her up and told her she was crying and she said it was just a nightmare and the pain in her leg." Niall nods his head as he gets her medicine for it and goes back upstairs to give it to her. He comes down and sits on the couch. It was about 1 until we saw Louis, but still no Lyndsey. The lads were starting to get hungry and so was I. "Harry, go wake up Lyndsey and tell her we are going to get food and if she wants to come she can." Niall says to me. We all go upstairs and the boys go in their rooms and get dressed while I wake up Lyndsey. I walk over to her bed and shake her. "Lyndsey. Wake up." She groans but says, "What? I am tired." I laugh and say, "First, I can tell because it is about 2 in the afternoon and second, the boys and I are going to get food and Niall sid that if you want to come with us you can." She groans again. "Are you even hungry?" "Yeah but you have known me long enough to know that I am lazier than Niall." I laugh and say, "Well do you want me to pick you up and you just go like that?" "How about I get dressed and when I am done I open the door and you carry me downstairs and to the car?" I giggle and nod my head. I help her up and walk out, allowing her to get dressed. She gets dressed in jeans and a bright pink shirt with her hair in a fishtail braid. She holds her arms up and I turn around so she can jump on my back. We walk downstairs and walk outside to meet the boys. I set her down in the car and sit next to her, holding her hand. We get to a restraunt and we go in and sit down. We order and they come out with our food and we ate. We left the restraunt and Niall says, "Wanna go to the movies?" We all nod our heads yes and we go into the movie theatre. We all bought tickets to see "The Host." I sit next to Lyndsey and Louis. The movie starts and the theatre gets dark. As the previews play, Lyndsey and I talk. "How are you feeling?" I ask her. "Better. I'm glad that I can trust y'all to be there for me. I'm glad I can trust you." "Well no problem. I am glad that I can be trusted." She smiles and I smile along. I lean down and kiss her. It must have been a while because Louis had to punch me in the back and say, "Alright love birds, movie is starting." We laugh and we pay attention to the movie. I lean down and whisper in her ear, "I love you Lyndsey Horan." It was the first time I have said that to her. " I love you too Haz," she replies as she kisses me on the cheek. I wrap my arm around her shoulders and she lays her head on my shoulder.

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