Just Say Yes


4. Seeing the boys

I wake up the next morning with a smile on my face. What am I smiling for? Then I remember, I get to hang out with the boys again today. Am I really that excited? I guess so. I get out of bed and walk down the stairs. I make myself a smoothie for breakfast. I go upstairs to get ready for the day. I put on some high waisted shorts and a crop top with a picture of the beach on it. I put on some high top converse. I curl my hair loosely for the beach wave kind of look. I apply my makeup. I don't ever wear much because I just don't think it looks very good. My phone buzzes and I look at it.

From: Harry. Are you ready for the best day ever?xx

Me: As ready as I'll every be!;) xx

Harry: Good. We'll be to your house at 10:00 to pick you up!

Me: Where are we going?

Harry: Its a suprise!!! See you then! xx

I sit on my bed and sit on my phone for about ten minutes. I look at the time and it says 9:59. I get up and go downstairs. At excatly ten I hear a knock at the door. I open it and standing there is Zayn. 

"Hey! Ready to go?" he says.

"Hey! Yeah I am!" I say and we walk out to the car.

Right as I get in the car I get a chorus of "hellos" from all the boys. 

"Hey guys. Nice to see you all again" I say with a smile.

"We promised the best day of your life so you better be ready for exactly that." Liam says with a straight face. 

"I'm definately ready" I say trying to keep a serious face but end up laughing.

We drive for about a half an hour and end up at a shopping mall. I'm a little suprised at their choice of location but i'm definately not going to be complaining. If there is one thing I'm extremely talented at is shopping, and buying stuff.

"Alright we are here" Harry says. We all get out of the car and walk into the mall. We shop around for awhile when Harry says to me, "Hey, go pick something out. There's a party at Louis' flat tonight. I go immediately to a short black dress that is fitted at the top and fans out at about the waist area. I go into the dressing room and slip the dress on. I walk out to show the boys and see what they think.

"So what do you think? Cute?" I say.

All  their jaws dropped as they scanned me up and down. 

"Gorgeous" Niall finally says.

"Thanks, I really like this one." I go back into the dressing room and change back into my other clothes. I walk up to the counter and pull out my wallet to buy my dress. Harry walks up behind me and puts his card on the table. 

"No way am I going to let you buy that" I say and give him back his card.

"Well I am whether you like it or not" Harry says with a smile. All of a sudden Zayn and Liam come up behind me and carry me off so Harry can pay for my dress. If there is one thing I hate it when people do, its when they buy stuff for me. I even feel bad when people get me birthday presents. 

After we are all done shopping, we go get in the car and drive back to Harry's. We sit around and play videogames until the party. One thing about me, I love video games. I know its a total weird thing for a girl to actually enjoy doing, but I love it. We are playing FIFA and I've beaten Liam, Zayn, Louis and Harry. 

"Yes! I won!" I cheer after beating Niall. He sits there looking stunned.

"As you can tell, Niall doesn't lose this game much. Ever really" Liam says. 

I sit there smiling and playfully punch Niall. "I just got beat at my own game by a girl" he mutters under his breath. 

We all get up and go get ready for the party. I only need to change into my dress because my makeup and hair are perfectly fine from earlier today. 

I walk out and the boys all stare at me. I watch them look me up and down. Harry especially. He walks over and whispers in my ear, 

"You are the most perfect girl I have ever seen." 



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