Just Say Yes


3. Partyyyy

"So what do you think of the house?" my dad asks me. "Its amazing! Thank you so much for my bedroom" I say and give him a hug.

"Anyways, I have to go to a short meeting in a minute, and I was talking to the neighbors, and her son is having a party and has invited you to come." he says. "You don't have to go if you don't want to" he says. "No! I would love to go! Thanks" 

"The party is in an hour, so you better go get ready!" my dad says and I run up to my bedroom.

I put on a little black dress with a bow in the back. I put on some hot pink heels, curl my brown hair, and redo my makeup. I did all this in like 55 minutes so pretty much perfect timing. I go downstairs and my dad is already gone. I'm glad that I already have a chance to meet new friends on my first day here. I look at my phone and its already seven so I go over to the neighbors house. I knock on the door and a guy with curly hair opens the door. "Hey! You must be Sam! I'm Harry Styles." he says. "Yeah thats me! Nice to meet you Harry!" I say back. "You too. Come on in!" 

I walk into his huge house. His house is bigger than my dads, well mine I guess to. He leads me over to a group of guys. "Sam, I'd like you to meet Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam. Boys this is Sam." he says. 

"Hey Sam!" they all say together. "Hey guys! Nice to meet all of you!" I say back. "You are stunning!" Harry says. I blush. "Thanks" I say with a smile. He smiles back. He has a gorgeous smile. I just notice his eyes. They are the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen. 

We go sit down on one of the couches. "So what do you think of the boys?" Harry asks me. "They are super chill. They seem like super fun guys." 

"Do you want to come hang out with us tomorrow?" he asks me. "Harry, you really don't need to invite me everywhere" I say. "No! We really want to hang out with you" he says. "Then I would love to!" I say and smile. 

"Hey Sam we are going to sit around the fire outside! Wanna join us?" Louis calls to me. "Ya sure! Be right out!" I call back

We all sit around the fire and talk about everything. I get to know the boys really well. I feel like I have known them forever.

"So you're coming to hang out with us tomorrow right?" Liam says excitedly. "Yeah I guess I am!" I say with a grin. The guys are respectful and hilarious. 

"Well I better be going, my dad is going to be home soon and I still have to unpack." I say and get up. "We'll help you unpack! You spend time with your dad tonight and we will come over tomorrow and help!" Harry says. "No, I don't want to make you guys do that" I say. "No we would love to!" Niall says. 

"Okay! You guys are the best! Thanks so much for making me feel welcome. See you soon!" I say with a wave. Harry walks me to the door. I walk across his lawn to my house. 

"Sam! Wait one second!" I hear a voice yell. I turn around. It was Harry running towards me. "I never got your number" he says. 

I give him my number and wave to him. "Text me when you want to hang!" I call to him as he walks to his house. "Will do!" and I go inside. 

My dad isn't home yet so I go in and sit on the couch and turn on the t.v. I wonder where he is? I thought it was a short meeting he was going to. My phone buzzes. I sit up and read my phone 

Hey it's Harry! I reply Hey Harry! 

From Harry: I'm excited for tomorrow!Xx

Me: Yeah me too! You are too sweetXx

Harry: All the boys can't stop talking about you. I think you left a good impression(:

Me: I had so much fun. You guys are amazing. I'm going to go to bed. See you!Xx

Harry: See you soon beautifulXx

I go get ready for bed and my dad calls "Hey sweetie! How was your night?" he says "It was great! Where are you?" "I actually had to take a quick flight and I'll be home in two days. Sorry! I left a lot of money in the drawer by the t.v." "O.k. Thanks I'll see you soon. Love you" "Love you too. bye"

I go to bed thinking of Harry. Do I like him? No. I can't like someone on the first night I met him. He seems like the player type. I'll sort out my feelings tomorrow. And the other boys? Don't know how I feel about them either.

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