Just Say Yes


1. Moving Away

I woke up on the last day of summer at 8:00 in the morning. Are you kidding me? This was supposed to be the day that i slept in the longest! I guess I would have slept in but my best friend Anna had other plans for us today. Right at 8:00 i get a call from Anna.

"Hey Girl!" I hear a voice say. "Hey! What's up?" I say back. "Oh just making sure that you are awake!" she says laughing. "Well I am thanks to you!" I say back trying my best to sound annoyed. "Well I'm going to go, see you later! I'll be at your house at 9:00!" she says and hangs up.

I guess today will be fun. I hope I didn't wake up early for nothing. Anna has planned our day start to finish. First shopping, then lunch, then we hang out, then we go to a party. I walk down the stairs to the kitchen where my mum is cooking my "first day of summer" breakfast.

"Good morning Sam!" she says. My mum is such a morning person. Me, on the other hand, am not. "Morning mum," I say sleepily. I sit down at one of our chairs. "So I have some news for you," she says. "What?" "Well, I have been offered a job in the United States, and I have accepted it. Of course this means that I will be needing to move there. You will be going to live with your father," she says quietly.

I just stare at her in shock. "Your father will be here at 5:00 this evening to pick you up. Please go pack your things." she looks down at her lap. I finally speak up, "I can't believe you. It's one thing to move, but another to tell me the day that I have to leave! You know that I don't get along with dad! How am I supposed to make new friends right before my senior year!" I yell.

"I know it seems bad, but you'll make new friends, I know you will. Your father is very excited to see you. Please just unders-" I interrupt her. "I don't need some sorry excuse." and I storm up to my room leaving my breakfast untouched. I decide to call Anna. "Hey babe" I hear a bright voice say.

"Hey Anna. I don't think that I will be able to go today." "Wait, what happened Sam?" she says worried. "I'm so sorry Anna. Let's go to the mall and we can talk there." I start to cry. "Yes! Bye I'll see you later." she says and I hang up. I hurry and get dressed not bothering to put any makeup on.

I know Anna, and telling her this will mean crying.

Lots of crying. 

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