He loves me Not

This is the story of a girl named Ariana. She had it all, the money, friends, good grades, everything.Then Harry Styles moved to her town. She wanted him and she was determined to get him. But Harry doesn't like her type he wants the sweet, innocent girl. Read He loves me Not to see if they're destined to be together.


6. We Cool Again

I walk into school after the incident from last night's party, hoping to see Selena and not see Zayn. Harry walks up beside me. "Hey Ari." "Hi,look I don't think we should be friends,since you love Selena." "I was thinking the same thing, but before I go." Quickly Harry grabs the side of my face and kisses me passionately and leaves. Rebecca runs to me. "What the fuck was that Ari, you date Zayn remember?" "Zayn cheated on me, with Miley, but, I don't care." I walk away and go to homeroom. Zayn taps Rebecca's shoulder. "Pass this to Ariana." She passes the note to Ariana. Ariana opens the note and it reads, "Hey babe we're done." Ariana looks at Zayn and mouthed "We were already done."




"I'm home mommy!" She flings her bag on the couch and runs upstairs. "Hey little twerp!"  "Shut up!" I lay on my bed and call Selena. "Hello?" "Hey Sel, listen me and Harry have nothing going on okay?" "Oh yeah, I know that Harry told me." "So, you're back with him?" "Of course, I can't stay mad at him." "Well, congratulations!" "Thanks Ari." "So, we cool again?" "Duh." "Yay, well bye." Hangs up. She goes to her car and drives to Starbucks. "Hello how may I help you?" "I'll have a frappucino with extra cream and sprinkles." "That'll be $4.55." Hands her a $5 bill. "Thanks, here's your change and it'll be right up."  When she walks to the side while waiting, she see's Harry and walks to him. "Hey." He looks up. "Oh hey, you wanna sit?" "Oh no, I'm fine." "Ok." "Selena told me you guys got back together." "Yeah we did." "Y'know, Selena's amazing, your really lucky." "Yeah, I know." Harry looks down. "You alright  you seem kinda down?" "It's just that, my grandma just passed, coffee always cheers me up." "Oh Harry, I'm so sorry." "Thanks but, she's lost her battle with cancer and, she's in a better place now." "Yeah she is." I sit down beside him. "Thanks for always being there with me." "Your welcome Harry." We look into each others eyes and then lean in and kiss. The kiss gets intense and more and more intense. I was about to pull off my jacket until, "ARIANA STEWART YOUR FRAPPUCINO'S READY!" I get up, get my coffee and leave.

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