He loves me Not

This is the story of a girl named Ariana. She had it all, the money, friends, good grades, everything.Then Harry Styles moved to her town. She wanted him and she was determined to get him. But Harry doesn't like her type he wants the sweet, innocent girl. Read He loves me Not to see if they're destined to be together.


1. Moving in Town

"You losers." Said my best friend Rebecca as she threw the nerdy girl to the ground. "Leave me alone!" Shouted the girl trembling in fear as we take her glasses. "I wonder if you can see without these." I say as I snap her glasses in half. My friend Rebecca laughs and we walk down the halls of Tracers High School. "Hey babe." I say as I kiss my boyfriend Zayn on the lips knowing i'm making Rebecca mad. "So did you guys hear about the new person coming?" Rebecca says. "Oh yeah,isn't his name Harry Styles?" Says Zayn. "Yeah,just another nerd to add to the list. Rebecca said. I don't know, maybe he might be cool." We all laugh as I finished my sarcastic sentence. 




In homeroom the principal walks in and talks to the teacher. "Students, I have a big announcement, we have a new student here with us today. Harry Styles. I want all of you to make him feel welcome. Come on in Harry." As principal Falcon stops talking I see a gorgeous curly haired boy with greenish colored eyes and cute cheeks with the most gorgeous dimples walk in catching all my focus on him. "Hello Mr.Styles I hope you feel very welcome here." "Thank you sir." I noticed Harry has a British accent that could make every girl swoon. "Where would you like to sit Mr.Styles?" "He can sit beside me!" I blurted out with no fear. "Mrs.Stewart, as you can see Rebecca is sitting beside you and Cassie is on the other." I quickly get out of my seat and push Rebecca out of hers to make room for Harry, as I look down I can see Rebecca's cheeks turning red as a tomato. "I think i'll just sit beside her." As I see Harry make his way over to his seat I can see him sitting beside the dorky girl we picked on today.




"I'm home!" I scream as I fling my book bag onto the kitchen table. I walk up to my room and I see a moving truck across the road and I also notice the new boys Harry Styles carrying boxes into the room wearing jeans, converse and no shirt. I think to myself, "He'll be mine,soon."

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