He loves me Not

This is the story of a girl named Ariana. She had it all, the money, friends, good grades, everything.Then Harry Styles moved to her town. She wanted him and she was determined to get him. But Harry doesn't like her type he wants the sweet, innocent girl. Read He loves me Not to see if they're destined to be together.


2. I'm Ariana

The next day at school I saw Harry Styles, I was so tempted to just hop on him and start kissing him. But I didn't. "Hey babe." As Zayn says that I get a little startled by his voice. "Hey." I'm able to say after daydreaming over Harry. "So the new boy is kinda cute, isn't he?" I'm a lttle shocked by what Rebecca says. "I think i'm gonna try and date him." I knew Rebecca would do that she is sort of a hoe and she's been dressing a lot sexier these days. "I'm gonna make my move." When Rebecca finishes her sentence she walks seductively over to Harry. "Hey there sexy." She says as seductively as she can. "Hello mate." Harry says. " You know, yesterday when you got ere I was instantly hooked on you." "But, you don't know me." "I can get to know you." Rebecca starts rubbing on his chest. Harry quickly stops her hand and pulls it off. "I have a girlfriend, sorry love." Harry closes his locker and speed walks away. Me and Zayn walk up to Rebecca. "How'd it go?" "He has a girlfriend already." 


Harry's House


Harry walks into his house, goes up to his room, lays across the bed and calls his girlfriend, Selena. "Hey Sel." "Hey babe, I miss you a lot." "I miss you more." "So, why'd you call?" "A girl tried to flirt with me today." "Really? What did you do?" "I told her I had a girlfriend." "Oh gosh, I need to hurry and get down their." "Your transferring here?" "Yeah, so I can see you, I had to beg my dad real hard for this." "I'm ready to see you too Selena." "Well Harry, I gotta go I love you bye." Bye" Harry hangs up.


Ariana's House


"You are so lucky to have him right next to you." "Not really, I have Zayn and plus he has a girlfriend." "Damn, I forgot about his girlfriend." Ariana's mom comes up. "Ariana, their are new neighbors across the road." "I know mother, the boy goes to my school." "Well, you know the tradition." Mrs.Stewart hands her a bag of muffins. "Take these next door to them." "Ok mom, Rebecca, stay here." Ariana runs across the street and rings the doorbell. "Hello?" My heart skips a beat as Harry Styles opens the door and greets me with that British accent. "Hi, I live next door and my mom got you some goodies." "Thank you." Harry accepts the bag. "You may not know me, but I go to your school." "Oh yeah, your Ariana right?" My heart almost jumps out of my chest when he says my name. "Yeah, that's me." "Well, hello i'm Harry." Shakes her hand. "Hi, i'm Ariana."

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