He loves me Not

This is the story of a girl named Ariana. She had it all, the money, friends, good grades, everything.Then Harry Styles moved to her town. She wanted him and she was determined to get him. But Harry doesn't like her type he wants the sweet, innocent girl. Read He loves me Not to see if they're destined to be together.


3. I Hate Her

At school the next day I could not stop thinking about Harry for some reason. I walked into the school and saw Harry. When I saw Ariana I waved and she walked towards me. "Hey Harry." "Hello Ariana." "So, did your family like the gift?" "Loved it!" "Cool." When Ariana talked to me the only person I could think of is Selena and how I loved her, but how I also started liking Ariana. "So you date the Zayn dude?" "Yeah, and you date who?" "Selena, she's back in UK but she's transferring here so we can be together." In my head I hate this Selena girl. "Oh, when is she coming?" "I think today." "Good for you." Rebecca walks up. "Hey Harry." "Hey, I gotta go see you later Ariana." Harry walks away quickly. 'Why are you flirting with him? You date Zayn." "We were not flirting, just having a conversation, like normal people." On the inside what Ariana felt was love but she kept it to herself.


Ariana's House


"What are you doing creep?" My little brother says. "Get the fuck out of my room dork!" I yell as I push him out of my room and slam my door. "NO CURSING ARIANA!' my mom yells from downstairs. I go back to staring out my window at Harry's window he left the blinds open I guess  on accident. Harry starts to take off his shirt. When he does, he picks up his exercise gear and starts working out. A while later he is sweating all over with no shirt on. I see a girl with beautiful face features and pretty long brown hair approach his door and ring the doorbell. Harry rushes to go get it. When Harry opens the door, Harry picks her up and spins her around while hugging her and they stand outside and have a make out session for a while. Then they go inside.


Harry's House


"Selena i'm so happy to see you!" He leads her to his room and shuts the door. Harry then lays down on the bed and Selena gets on top of him. "I'm happy to see you more." They start making out again.


Ariana's House


She see's them making out intensely and Harry starts to take off her jacket and her skirt. She goes down lower and starts kissing his chest then undoes his pants and pulls them off. Harry takes off her shirt and she's only in bra and panties while he's only in boxers. When Harry starts to take off her bra Ariana quickly closes the blinds. "Oh my god, she's so lucky, I fucking hate her!"  

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