He loves me Not

This is the story of a girl named Ariana. She had it all, the money, friends, good grades, everything.Then Harry Styles moved to her town. She wanted him and she was determined to get him. But Harry doesn't like her type he wants the sweet, innocent girl. Read He loves me Not to see if they're destined to be together.


4. Friends

Ever since I saw Harry and the beautiful brown haired girl about to have sex, I thought about Harry even more. "Hey Harry." "Hello Ariana." "Harry, who is that?" I didn't even notice the girl he had sex with standing beside him. "Selena, this is my good friend, Ariana." When he called me a good friend my heart almost shot out of my chest. "Hi there, i'm Selena Gomez, nice to meet you." Selena shakes my hand. "I'm Ariana Stewart." When I hear the girls voice and her last name I thought, she's not British. "I'm no genius, but isn't Gomez a Mexican or Latina name?" "Yeah it is, my dad had to move to the UK for work and that's where I met Harry." "How long have you two been together?" "Almost 3 years.' "Well, I gotta go to my boyfriend, Zayn." "Goodbye." When I  walk away I slightly glance back at Harry and Selena and see them kissing like the perfect couple they are.


Next Day

I'm at school sitting in homeroom just thinking and staring at Harry. My thoughts were interrupted by principal Hayes comes on the loud speaker. "Hello students of Tracers High School. As you know, football and cheer leading tryouts are today just come on to the gym after school and tryout this has been Tracers announcements for the morning goodbye." I think to myself, "I totally forgot about tryouts, I have to be there." 



"Hello everyone, i'm the cheer coach, Mrs. Malarkey. "Hi Mrs. Malarkey!" Shouts all of the girls. As I look around scanning the girls trying to find competition, I spot Selena and walk over to her. "Hi." I said. "Oh, hey, Ariana right?" "That's right, and your Selena?" "Yep." After a long silence, I decide to say something. "So, your a cheerleader?" "Oh, no this is my first time, are you?" "Oh yeah, i'm kinda used to this." "Then, good luck Ariana." As the coach calls Selena Gomez next I chuckle in my head saying she has no chance. When Selena starts her routine, I notice that she's perfect. Perfect flips,stretches, When Selena gets one she stands beside me. "Wow, that was great." "Awh, thanks but i'm no pro like you." "You know Selena, we could be the best of friends." "I'd like that." 

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