I'm Not A Baby!!!

Hey, I'm Charlotte Styles. In the beggining of this book I go through my ages, until I'm 17. My brother's name is Harry Styles, ya, from One Direction. Well, now to tell you about my life, my horrible, crappy life. Then, I met Zayn.
FYI: its rated R, but, if you can handle it, then you can. Warning!!!


5. 5

*1 month later (That's what Charlotte looks like. She dyed her hair back to blonde) *

Me and Zayn are still going strong. There hasn't been any signs that I may be pregnant and all the home test proved that i wasn't so we know we are safe. El, on the other hand, is 1 month pregnant, and Louis left her. She comes to my room crying every night. And tonight, Zayn helped.

"Char, it really hurts, he left me with his child, and still expects me to be in the same room as him." she said in tears. Zayn was rubbing her back while she was crying on my lap.

"Shhh, El, everything is going to turn out fine. You still have me, the baby's favorite aunt." i said, she giggled at the last part.

"See, Charlotte can put a smile on your face. What do you need Louis for?" said Zayn. None of the boys are talking to him, all ashamed to know him and about what he did. Everynight he brings a new girl to bang. And one has come back, saying that he got her pregnant, but it wasn't true.

"Zayn." i said, laughing at how he just dissed one of his best-friends. Even El started laughing. We all made jokes and played games from when we were little. Of course pausing when El needed to throw-up. We even helped her with that. Zayn holding up her hair and me rubbing her back and telling her it was all going to be ok.

"Char, what if Louis wants me back?" she asked me, Zayn had fallen asleep with his head on my lap. I started to play with his hair and trace some of his tattoos, which made him twitch sometimes.

"Well, can you tell in someone's eyes if they love you?" i asked her. She nodded.

"I always see it in your eyes when you talk about Zayn or when you are with him." she said, sighing.

"Well, you can tell if Louis is in love with you and is really sorry for leaving you." i said. She nodded and started to fall asleep.

"Night Char." she said, yawning.

"Night El." i said, closing my eyes, trying to fall asleep. When I woke up, Zayn was still sleeping on my lap. El wasn't next to me and it worried me, I started to look around. That's when I heard vomiting coming from the bathroom, I got up in a hurry and woke up Zayn. He looked confused but then i pointed to the bathroom. We both rushed to her side.

"Char, can I talk to you, in private?" she asked after she was done. I nodded and Zayn left to go and get breakfast.

"Char, I want Louis back. I can't stand being without him. I know I only dated him for like, 3 months, but, I think I love him." she said, tears in the corner of her eyes.

"El, I have one thing to say. Get him back, but, before you do, I'll make sure that he loves you too." i answered her, she started smiling.

"Really? OMG CHAR, YOU'RE THE BEST!!!" she screamed, hugging me. We got dressed and went downstairs.

"Louis, we need to talk." i said, anger slightly in my voice. Everyone gasped because they thought I would be the last to talk to him. 

"OK." he said, hesitation and worry stricken in his. We both walked outside.

"Louis, why did you do it?" i asked, he knew exactly what I was talking about.

"I don't know, I was just scared, and it was the biggest mistake I have ever made." he said, tears brimming his eyes.

"Well, do you want her back, be honest with me." i said, still angry, but being a little sincere. 

"To be honest, I do, I love her so much, but, she'll never take me back. Oh God, she probably hates me. Why am I so stupid?!?!?!?" he screamed at the world. 

"Louis, go back in there and apologize, you'll be surprised with her answer." i told him. He got a glint of hope and happiness in his eyes. He nodded and ran inside. I just sighed and walked into the house, laughing to myself. 

"What did you say to him? He ran upstairs smiling like an idiot." said Zayn, pulling me into a hug. 

"Well, I told him that he should go up there and apologize." i said, Zayn looked me in the eye.

"You, sweetie, are one crazy person. But, I still love you." he said, giving me a kiss. 

"And I love you." i said, giving him a kiss. We were suddenly interrupted by a scream. Both our eyes got wide and we ran upstairs.

"El, what happened." i screamed, but it wasn't her that screamed, it was Louis and El was on the floor, blood coming out of her. 

"Zayn, call 911." i said. "El, can you hear me? Please, answer me."

"Char, why is she bleeding?" asked Louis. I started to think, then gasped. 

"The baby." i whispered, but Louis heard me and started to panic even more. 

"What do you mean, 'the baby'?" he asked.

"It happened to my mum, Lou, I don't think you're going to be a dad anymore." i said, crying. "And I'm not gonna be a aunt." 

The paramedics ran through the door and put El on a gurney, I told Louis to go in the ambulance.

"Babe, please tell me that El is alright." said Zayn, on the verge of tears. 

"I don't think I can. If she really did lose the baby, she, nor Louis, will ever be the same." i said, still crying.




I know this is short, but i promise, the next one will be longer!!

Lots of Love for my Little Carrots,


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