I'm Not A Baby!!!

Hey, I'm Charlotte Styles. In the beggining of this book I go through my ages, until I'm 17. My brother's name is Harry Styles, ya, from One Direction. Well, now to tell you about my life, my horrible, crappy life. Then, I met Zayn.
FYI: its rated R, but, if you can handle it, then you can. Warning!!!


4. 4

*same day*


We started to make-out on the bed.

"Char, are you sure?" he asked, I nodded. He grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it off. We continued making out and taking off all of our clothing. He started to rub my clit and I started moaning.

"Shhh, Babe, they can't hear us. They are just down stairs." he said, and then entered a digit.

"Zayn." i moaned. He entered 2 more. He started pumping them in and out really fast and hard. I felt something tighten in my stomach.

"Zayn. I think i'm gonna-" i didn't even finish. I felt something spill out of me.

"Babe, you taste really good." said Zayn, licking his fingers.

"Zayn, please hurry." i said, still wanting him inside of me. He nodded and pushed into me. It hurt at first. But then I felt pure bliss.

"Ugh, Zayn, Harder!" i yelled, he followed my wishes and started pumping in me harder and faster. I started to feel my stomach tighten again.

"Charlotte, you are so tight." he groaned. He started to rub my clit, trying to get me to my climax faster. His thrusting started to get sloppy and lost a little control. We both came at the same time and I felt his liquids shoot up in me. He pulled out and we layed next to each other, panting, trying to catch our breath.

"I love you, Char. I'm proud of you." he said, kissing me on the lips.

"I love you too, Zayn." i said. Kissing him back.

We both got dressed and headed downstairs. El came up to me.

"So, your not mad at me anymore? I mean, we heard you guys from down here." she said, giggling to the end. My eyes widened and looked towards Harry, he was furious, and his eyes looked red and puffy.

"What's wrong Harry? I'm old enough to do what I want. Why were you crying?" i asked.

"Because, Mum is going to kill me. You might end up pregnant and......." he said, still crying. I was shocked, is it possible I might end up pregnant?

"Harry, calm down. Look, if I do end up pregnant, Mum will kill me. NOT you." i said, hugging him.

"Char, can I talk to you for a minute?" asked Zayn. I nodded and we headed up to my room.

"Um, i have to tell you something." he said.

"OK, what is it?" i asked, thinking the worse, that he was going to break-up with me.

"Um, I didn't use a condom." he said, worry in his eyes.

"WHAT!?!" i screamed.


"WELL, YOU COULD HAVE REMINDED ME!!" he screamed back.

"THE CONDOM GOES ON YOUR DICK. LAST TIME I CHECKED, I DON'T HAVE A DICK!!" I screamed back at him. He looked at me shocked. Finally realizing that it was kind of his fault too.

"Ok, fine, it's my fault. I'm sorry. And if you do end up pregnant, I'm gonna help you. OK? Remember, I love you." he said, kissing me on the forehead and hugging me. Calming me down.

"I love you too. And, I'll never forget." i answered, pressing my head into his chest. We both headed down stairs again. RIght when we reached the family room, El ran up to me and pulled me aside.

"You ok? We heard shouting from upstairs. Harry got mad and we had to hold him from punching a wall." she said, snickering at the last sentence.

"Ya. Zayn told me that he didn't wear a condom." I said, a little worried. But something was different about El. She didn't seem worried, infact she seemed happy.

"El? Do you have something to tell me?" i asked.

"Um, well.... Lottie, I might be pregnant." she said, a little to cheery for me.

"El, shouldn't you be worried?" i asked.

"Why? Louis would be so happy if I am." she said.

"El. How do you know he would be happy? He might not want a kid." i said. She started to get a little worried. She just shook her head and walked away.

What if she was pregnant? What if I'M pregnant?

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